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Synonyms for disquisition

Synonyms for disquisition

a formal, lengthy exposition of a topic

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an elaborate analytical or explanatory essay or discussion

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Poems range from reflections on the prosaic--the retrieving of a contact lens from a sink drain ("Up the Drain")--to a humorous disquisition on the parsnip ("Ah, Of Course") to theories on the creation of the cosmos, as in "From Second to Second.
He once gave the Council a disquisition on distinguished African-Americans, including Booker T.
His book is by turns a polemic, revisionist theatre history, linguistic disquisition, and memoir (he is a practising playwright as well as an academic).
Far from a personal attack on Kate, Mantel's 65-minute lecture to the British Museum (later printed in the London Review of Books) from which the controversy arose was a nuanced and broad-ranging disquisition on gender roles and the monarchy.
No African flora is as iconic of the Dark Continent as the fabled "upside down tree", and Ralph has certainly done it justice in this beautifully-presented 126-page hardback photo disquisition.
After the perfunctory geographical section, which emphasizes the climatic and topographic cohesion and unity of the region, Higman provides an excellent overview of life in the pre-1492 Caribbean, with a disquisition on the Tamos people.
There are a few dabs of sophistication -- the witty, walrussy presence of Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother; a disquisition on Schubert's great lieder and a morsel of Mozart's Don Giovanni -- but these feel random and perfunctory.
A disquisition on algebraic topics accompanies "The Archimedes Principle (1984)," the chapter about Michela's disappearance; and an explanation of the prime numbers, especially the twin primes, occurs in the chapter "In and Out of the Water (1998)": "Mattia thought that he and Alice were like that, twin primes, alone and lost, close but not close enough to really touch each other.
Lex Charitatis: A Juristic Disquisition on Law in the Theology of Martin Luther By Johannes Heckel.
Pteros Tactics, his latest work, was spurred by Canadian scholar Anne Carson's disquisition on the ancient Greek concept of "eros," the sensual longing part of what we mean by the grab-all word "love.
In closing arguments, Judge Twiggs, representing the defense and known for his great oratorical ability, used her statement to support a disquisition on the bravery of Southern women, including a story about a general who envisioned his wife at his side during the fighting at Gettysburg.
In a marvellous sociology of labour law, Smith and Morton continue their long standing disquisition of the use of law by Labour to shape a neoliberal legal tunnel for trade unions: to 'contain and domesticate', underpinned by the 'decay and dilution of EU directives' (p.
This longer work is worth reading, however, not only as the authoritative history of Druids, but as a disquisition on the nature and uses of history by one of Britain's greatest living historians.
Poor old Paul's subtle disquisition on love, for example, by which he meant agape or caritas--unqualified care for another, not romantic love--is invoked off-point at weddings almost as often as Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, whose speaker admits impediments to the marriage of true minds in the very act of denying them.
The author then pursues a disquisition on the post-dramatic 'ich' whose power is constituted by its twin virtues of being 'ortslos und tiefenlos' (p.