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Synonyms for disquisition

Synonyms for disquisition

a formal, lengthy exposition of a topic

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an elaborate analytical or explanatory essay or discussion

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And the question of the subject of the picture having brought him to one of his favorite theories, Golenishtchev launched forth into a disquisition on it.
I found that I could not compose a female without again devoting several months to profound study and laborious disquisition.
Remember what I told you about horses," he reiterated to Saxon; and, assisted by his hostess, he gave a very creditable disquisition on horseflesh and its management from a business point of view.
You don't seem to give much thought to the matter in hand," I said at last, interrupting Holmes' musical disquisition.
Readers not conversant with the jargon of the social sciences may not understand her poetic ethnography in all its implications, however, and may find her disquisition somewhat hard to follow.
In that disquisition, I presented the multifoliate ways that the sounds SH, AY, EE, EYE, OH, and OO can be written.
Such disquisition one does not encounter, of course, in the nineteenth-century articles Aileen Friesen makes available by Fathers Papshev and Golushubin about their proselytizing activity in Siberia.
On an isolated island in Maine he spends his last bitter, crotchety days drinking gin and smoking cigarettes, finally committing suicide with a single-barreled shotgun, but not before the author treats readers to a disquisition on Ernest Hemingway's suicide.
He once gave the Council a disquisition on distinguished African-Americans, including Booker T.
His book is by turns a polemic, revisionist theatre history, linguistic disquisition, and memoir (he is a practising playwright as well as an academic).
Far from a personal attack on Kate, Mantel's 65-minute lecture to the British Museum (later printed in the London Review of Books) from which the controversy arose was a nuanced and broad-ranging disquisition on gender roles and the monarchy.
Thus engendered is a fascinating disquisition on this invention, ending with the 2004 discovery of Homo Floriensis, a meter-tall race of humans in Flores, Indonesia, in a chapter that beggars summary.
After the perfunctory geographical section, which emphasizes the climatic and topographic cohesion and unity of the region, Higman provides an excellent overview of life in the pre-1492 Caribbean, with a disquisition on the Tamos people.
Mr Sharif offers a long disquisition on how he wants foreign investors, including British companies, to cure Pakistan's endemic power cuts by building new generating capacity, using the hydro-electric potential of the country's great rivers.