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Synonyms for disquieted

afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief

References in classic literature ?
He assured me that my long absence had disquieted him much, but he had nevertheless hoped for the best.
He thought of him kindly; but his thoughts were disquieted and fearful.
She could not feel that she had done wrong herself, but she was disquieted in every other way.
BBC One Wales As Jean becomes increasingly disquieted about Stacey vanishing the rest of the Square starts to pick up on the fact that something might not be right.
Indeed, a fetish is never used up, being the object of fantasized and libidinal rather than disquieted devotion; as Walter Benjamin would say, it is through fetishism that the object of use, common to the point of banality, is "saved" from death through consumption.