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depriving of legal right


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Addressing media outside an accountability court in Islamabad where he is under trial in connection with three interim and three supplementary references of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the three-time ex-prime minister hinted that the next move would be to deprive him of doing politics by disqualifying him for life.
New Delhi [India], Aug 4 ( ANI ): The Delhi High Court on Friday disposed off the application moved by Madhya Pradesh BJP leader Narottam Mishra seeking an early hearing challenging Election Commission's order disqualifying him as an MLA
If a disqualifying disposition occurs, the option holder has to include compensation income in gross income for the year.
The tax effect of a disqualifying disposition results in a financial statement deduction in the year it occurs.
The downside to this approach is that failure to hold the stock for one year after exercise (a disqualifying disposition) defeats the very tax benefit that ISOs confer (in contrast to nonqualified stock options)-capital gain on the spread upon sale.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Minister for Privatization Daniyal Aziz said on Friday that everything occurred according to the pre-written script, claiming that drama has been staged only to pretend justice by disqualifying Jahangir Tareen and saving Imran Khan.
Earlier, Election Tribunal had ordered re-election in NA-162 Chichawatni disqualifying Hassan Nawaz.
The IRS provides a comprehensive program to correct disqualifying defects and ensure that plans remain tax-qualified.
267(b) or 707(b)(1)) to any person who so participates, (2) has a disqualified compensation arrangement or (3) has a disqualifying financial interest identified by the Secretary.
The Election Commission of Pakistan held meeting under the chairmanship of Justice (retd) Fakhruddin G Ibrahim to review Supreme Court orders of disqualifying parliamentarians and members of Sindh and Punjab assemblies in dual nationality case.
Has a disqualifying financial interest in the transaction, as determined under regulations.
The policy signals a change in IRS procedures regarding a plan's ongoing qualification after a disqualifying event.
Effective after May 3, 2004, amounts borrowed for use in essentially any activity will not increase the taxpayer's amount at ink, regardless of the taxpayer's personal liability for repayment, if the lender also has an interest in the activity other than that of a creditor (a disqualifying interest).