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Synonyms for disqualified

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disqualified by law or rule or provision

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barred from competition for violation of rules

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The 28 year old was given a 12 week stretch behind bars, disqualified from driving for a further 36 months and ordered to pay PS315 in costs.
He was disqualified from receiving cash assistance for a period of six months, and SNAP benefits for a period of 12 months.
The decision has come as a shock to the disqualified MLAs who will have to deposit the salaries and other perks withdrawn during the last five years.
The age with the greatest number of disqualified drivers is 25.
In 2012, 13 drivers were convicted for causing death by driving when disqualified, unlicensed or uninsured.
Ms Crompton pleaded guilty in October 2013 to a charge of managing a corporation while disqualified and was sentenced in November 2013.
Head of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), Mohammad Yousuf Nuristani while announcing the candidates' initial list on Tuesday, asked the disqualified contenders that they could register their complaints with the ECC if they were not satisfied with the IEC decision.
The commission also directed these disqualified lawmakers to return all amenities they had got during their regime.
In the dual nationality case, the Supreme Court last week disqualified 11 lawmakers.
The firm go 2-1 that any stage winner is disqualified within 48 hours, while Ladbrokes are just 10-11 that there is a faileddrugs test.
Speaker Bopaiah had earlier on October 7 served show-cause notices to the dissident MLAs seeking a reason as to why they should not be disqualified under the anti-defection law after they announced their dcision to withdraw support to Yeddyurappa Government.
The head of the committee vetting Iraqi officials for ties to Saddam Hussein's regime says no more candidates from the election will disqualified.
Qasim Zahoor, 30, a father of three, was jailed for six months yesterday and disqualified for another three years.
Britain's most convicted motorist was jailed for eight months yesterday for his 51st offence of driving while disqualified.
Michelle Bloom, aged 29, of Roosevelt Drive, Tile Hill, Coventry, assault, theft of a sat-nav box, criminal damage to a computer keyboard, driving with excess alcohol, theft of lager, chocolates, alcohol and groceries, fined pounds 200, disqualified from driving for three years, 26 weeks imprisonment suspended for 18 months.