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Synonyms for disputative

inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits

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A distinction similar to that between disputative arguments and philosophical proofs is that between proper reasons and common or logical arguments.
A marked false step in this disputative exhibition is the inclusion of worktables themselves--carefully set with pens, pencils, rulers, and various other implements--which trivialize the achievement, such as it is.
One of the most disputative innovations has come in the form of BBC iPlayer.
Roth's original article classified games into six categories: imaginative games (tales and stories), realistic games (animals, plants, inorganic nature), imitative games, discriminative games, disputative games and toys (propulsive games).
Just as Burton describes the way the higher born students have infiltrated the university, wearing away at its very humanistic and philosophical fiber, this subsuming invective--called "Digression of the Miseries of Schollers" in the synopsis, and marked by its bitter, disputative tone, encroaches on the more philosophical, objective tone of the "Overmuch Study" section, as though illustrating the petty conflicts and concerns on which the scholar has been reduced to spending his time.
Matters of faith, justification, and sanctification--stages of the ordo salutis beyond the range of the soul's preparatory fitting--are summoned in book 1 for disputative service.
Finally, she deals at some length with the seventeenth century, in which literature is becoming "ce qui n'est pas disputative" (686; Descartes, La Rochefoucauld) and even, briefly, with the eighteenth.
Informatively engaging readers from first page to last, In State Of Becoming deftly covers commonly controversial issues affecting the church and effective, practical, and tactics with which to avoid, ameliorate, or positively assist in resolving disputative issues for the betterment of the churches larger interests.