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the quality or state of being argumentative

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4) Itself a religion of rebellion in Child's formulation, Calvinism promotes a variety of anti-social behaviors, including filial impiety, disputatiousness, and intolerance.
Many criticisms have been raised against the conventionalist account, chief among them Ronald Dworkin's argument that conventionalism fails to capture the disputatiousness of legal practice: the ubiquity of argument about what the law is on some point despite the clear absence of any conventional answer.
29) Beasley finds that, "his absurdity and his cranky disputatiousness notwithstanding," Lismahago "proves himself worthy of Matt's respect for his intelligence and his loyalty to ideals of honor"; Rothstein points out that Smollett "allows him to speak at great, persuasive length, almost always getting the last word.
Moreover, the fanaticism, intolerance, and disputatiousness of dogmatic clients are highly antithetical to therapist allegiance to humanistic principles.
Part V proposes a strategy for advancing Congress's goals in section 706 that would take advantage of various parties' strengths and should minimize the delay occasioned by interindustry disputatiousness and political wrangling.
For Hobbes not only needs prudent human beings in order to forge a social contract, he must also, by uncoupling prudence from philosophy, help to ensure that deliberations concerning the good never ascend to the level of what is good for human beings simply, lest politics return to the disputatiousness from which he sought to free it.
Professor Achinstein's is 'a modified Whig view' of the Revolution (8) which holds that its hectic disputatiousness transformed the relation of public politics to the private individual: 'power came to be constructed not out of adherence to the authority of special persons, but by the conditions of rational public discussion' (9).
She omits charity, solidarity, disputatiousness, Sabbath and Socialism.