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For several days diplomatic relations had been severed between Helium and her two most powerful neighbors, and with the departure of the ministers had come a total cessation of wireless communication between the disputants, as is usual upon Barsoom.
The perplexed experience gets the apparent clearness, as it gets also the animation, of a long dialogue; only, the disputants never part company, and there is no real conclusion.
Other tribes of the new federation took sides with the original disputants or set up petty revolutions of their own.
There was a sudden commotion in the direction of the disputants, and Tarzan rolled his head in their direction in time to see the burly brute of a priest leap upon the woman opposite him, dashing out her brains with a single blow of his heavy cudgel.
From all parts of the hall squires and pages came running, until a dense, swaying crowd surrounded the disputants.
these disputes were settled by physical contact of the disputants,
The noise which at a distance appeared like gnashing and thumping, on coming nearer was found to be the voice of disputants.
In the case of a workplace dispute referred by a supervisor, however, the mediator should consider not respecting confidentiality in two areas: First, if a resolution is reached, the agreement needs to be put in writing and sent back to the supervisor to use as a tool to ensure both employees abide by its terms in the future; second, if a disputant refuses to participate in the mediation, the mediator needs to stop the process and inform the supervisor of the employee's actions.
Bargaining proceeds as follows: Each disputant is free to make any offer she likes to the other disputant at any time.
Table 1: Dispute outcomes by sex of plaintiffs and respondants in 185 cases monitored at Erima Village Court, 1994 & 1999 Decision Decision Disputant infavour in Other sex/No No of of favour of outcome Pl'tiff Resp'nt disputes Pl'tiff Resp'nt (#) 1 M 1 M 36 17 2 17 1 M 1 F 24 11 2 11 1 M 2 < F/M 19 11 0 8 1 F 1 M 60 43 0 17 1 F 1F 17 10 0 7 1 F 2 < F/M 19 16 0 3 2 < M 2 < F/M 1 0 0 1 2 < F 1 M 2 2 0 0 2 < F 1 F 1 0 0 1 2 < F&M I M 4 4 0 0 2 < F&M 1 F 2 1 0 1 Total 185 115 4 66 M = Male, F = Female, F/M = Female or Male, 2< = Two or more.
L'election du president de l'ISIE peut se faire en deux tours si aucun candidat n'a pu obtenir la majorite des 109 voix requis, les deux candidats ayant obtenu le plus grand nombre de voix disputant ce deuxieme tour", a indique Rim Mahjoub.
Disputant son deuxieme derby de rang, le Nasria est determine a confirmer sa sante, histoire egalement de garder le contact avec le lot de tete.
Saga is more than a former disputant with the ratings customer -- it'll be a customer.
Resilience: Given the nature of the conciliation process and considering that the process is based on disputant voluntarism and the disputant commitment to speedy resolution, setbacks and failures are intrinsic to the process.
The background narrator helps the audience fill in the gaps by telling untold stories, providing background information, introducing each disputant, and summarizing what happened behind or in front of the camera.