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Synonyms for disputable

Synonyms for disputable

capable of being disproved


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open to argument or debate

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A referee's role can not be ignored on starting, finishing well, amusingly, within Fair-Play principles and not playing unorganisedly, disputably, on fighting terms of a football match [3].
A high court insider privy to the deliberations said the majority held that foundlings, or abandoned babies with unknown parentage, were presumptively or disputably presumed natural-born despite the silence of the Constitution on their citizenship status.
Some people are bald clearly or young clearly; others are bald disputably or young disputably.
Fortunately for the wallets of conglomerates, yet disputably unfortunate for society, reality programs seem to meet these needs (Reiss et al., 2007, p.
The only attempt to study the enhancement of entrepreneurial creativity is disputably David McClelland's work in India (McClelland & Winter, 1969), in which he attempted to enhance subjects' need for achievement.
A further, disputably optimistic aspect of the model is more