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Synonyms for disputable

Synonyms for disputable

capable of being disproved


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open to argument or debate

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During the workshop, the participants discussed such issues as the most disputable regulation areas in the WTO, decisions of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, experience of WTO members in implementation of trade remedies contributing to the WTO rules, as well as international dispute settlement practice and many others.
Ademi stressed that his party considers that there is nothing disputable in the election of Arbr Isaku for new member of the Council of Public Prosecutors.
The figure is disputable as the assessment made by the authorities is exaggerated.
A vote-by-vote cooperation is the least binding agreement for the participants and allows the parties to keep their stance unchanged on disputable issues.
The notorious incidents on the disputable sections of the Tajik-Kyrgyz border caused this decline," the Ambassador stated.
The index is based on ESG performance with only best-in-class stocks not involved in disputable activities selected and certified by Forum ETHIBEL.
Earlier the Constitutional Court of Armenia ruled unconstitutional the disputable articles of a law on mandatory pension plan.
Issues relating to the influence of shifting cultivation and oil palm plantation on the environment and ecosystem are still disputable because the discussion is usually based on the stereotypical views lacking ecological evidence.
I felt we were very unlucky, we gave away a penalty and had a man sent off which was disputable.
Despite everything, it must be said that this agreement became a factor of peace and stability and closed some of the disputable issues in recent years.
Besides the artistic aspect, perhaps disputable for many, a significant role was undoubtedly played by the technical facet.
The Prime Minister earlier asserted that the observations of the CAG are disputable and they will be challenged before the Public Accounts Committee.
They claim that only USD14m worth of transactions may be disputable.
If such sums are available - sadly disputable at this time - it would surely be more sensible to help the survival of the language by, for instance, supporting threatened village schools in the Welsh heartlands.
It's disputable that this would be in the good of the game.