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Synonyms for disproportionateness

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

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The ineffectiveness of the Rockefeller laws in deterring criminal activity, the disproportionateness of the sentences, and the rising prison population, made it clear that reform was essential.
Furthermore, a person who commissions or instigates a predicate offense that requires him to launder the proceeds to make the offense profitable might well be given a longer sentence than someone who commits only one of these offenses without there being any suggestion of disproportionateness. (A comparable consideration was seen to apply in England and Wales for someone guilty both of handling offenses and of masterminding the thefts that yielded the property being handled.) In the event that an additional wrong has been committed a longer sentence can hardly be thought disproportionate.
Not simply because Kateb's account is so civilized and attractive, nor just because we are in agreement in a fundamental commitment to a democratic Emerson, but essentially because, given these affinities, I am perplexed by the disproportionateness of my sense of distance from his account.
It would argue a disproportionateness, a want of balance" (Vol.
California.(96) The "shock the conscience" standard considers subjective factors, such as malice displayed by the officer, as well as the seriousness, or disproportionateness, of the injury.(97) However, in the 1989 Supreme Court decision of Graham v.