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out of proportion

to a disproportionate degree

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Revitalise CEO, Chris Simmonds, said: "The media is right to focus on the upswing in children and older people in relative poverty, but let's not forget that the most vulnerable people in society are also disproportionately affected.
There are 32 humanitarian crises around the world," said the ministry's EU director Avivit Bar-Ilan, "but the EU chooses to disproportionately focus only on what is done in Area C of the West Bank, which are most definitely not suffering a humanitarian crisis.
In it, lead editor Madeline Sutton, MD, MPH, lead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention's Minority Health and Health Equity Research Activity and an APHA member, joins contributors in exploring the history of the HIV epidemic, how it disproportionately affected the black community and what has been and could be done to both better prevent and treat HIV infections.
The research by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and NHS Health Scotland, says: "Policies implemented from 1979 onwards across the UK disproportionately affected the Scottish population.
Now the plan is the target of a federal Department of Education investigation into whether it is discriminatory, because the school closings and moves involved (accompanied by three charter-school openings) disproportionately affect black students.
Research suggests that consumers and SMEs (small and medium sized enterprise) left without broadband would be disproportionately rural and disproportionately Welsh.
And in a time of austerity it is only fair the weathly are taxed disproportionately more because spending cuts hit the poor disproportionately hard.
CONCERNS Bridget It is thought many benefits and services facing cuts are disproportionately used by women, which would equal a double blow as job losses are prepared at schools, councils and Government offices across the region.
While the poorest have become better off, with "a hand up, not a hand out" in welfare and tax credits, the rich have become disproportionately richer.
The only time Mr Hain will intervene is if Wales is disproportionately disadvantaged.
However, the committee says black communities in particular are disproportionately represented in stop and search statistics and on the National DNA database.
The scourge of HIV/AIDS, which continues to affect the African-American community disproportionately, highlights the importance of a comprehensive strategy to address the U.
Drug manufacturers are testing nearly 700 medicines to help treat diseases disproportionately affecting African-Americans or diseases that are among the top 10 causes of death among African-Americans.
More than 700 medicines for diseases that disproportionately or solely affect women are currently in development, according to a report from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.
fleet catches a third more lobsters but expends disproportionately more resources doing it.