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out of proportion

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This disproportional rate of population growth and IMR has generated a broad-based population with age <15 years representing 36% of the overall population.
The statement addedthat Israeli military systematically and brutally enacts disproportional violence against young Palestinians.
Citing a 2004 study that found disproportional exposure of Native Americans to environmental dangers throughout the twentieth century as the result of militarism, Johansen shows that a major factor in determining their exposure historically is the coercive governmental policies which located Indian reservations.
This disproportional distribution wealth works in a negative way and needs to be addressed.
Therefore, we urge you to review and reconsider this unfair disproportional representation of Chollo in these two national institutions [parliament and council of ministers]," Awin told Sudan Tribune on Thursday.
The size of the payments remains often unjustifiable, and the disparity in the payments remains greatly disproportional.
Amgen will make upfront and milestone payments, and will be responsible for disproportional R&D costs for an agreed-upon period followed by a 50/50 cost and profit share arrangement.
It seems disproportional to punish persons for life for a mistake that might not even get them jail time," Thompson said at the hearing.
It's simple and collectively often decisive, but also wasteful - with half of us in this year's general election voting for losing candidates - and wildly disproportional.
The Ombudsman then stated that saving and granting access to such information constituted an "unjustified and disproportional interference in private life on behalf of the state".
Speaking to Today's Zaman regarding recent seemingly disproportional punishments in court verdicts for young people, the chairman of the Association of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed Peoples (MAZLUM-DER), Halim Yylmaz, said that the judge in G.
Further, heavily bombing the North would be seen as indefensibly disproportional to any damage the North was inflicting on the South.
Editors were paid salaries in millions, which is absolutely disproportional to the industry standards.
When wage rises are given maybe it should be at an average of all workers in the council, company or university, so people receive a fairer pay and the higher ranking workers do not get disproportional pay rises.
She is confident that there is no country in the world where the fines for breaking of the traffic rules are so much disproportional