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Synonyms for disproportion

Synonyms for disproportion

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

Antonyms for disproportion

lack of proportion

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The disproportion is owing to the disproportionate amount of violence in these shows.
A chapter summarizing the data on disproportion of various groups in special education introduces the book and shows that special education placement data suggest disproportions of males to females and Blacks to Whites, but not other minority students to Whites.
The CDRC will then be able to provide an accurate account of the disproportion of families and children of color in Colorado's system, as well as disparities in the state's child welfare services over the funding period of May 2009 through June 2010.
Incident management stakeholders and in particular emergency health service providers have to deal with two basic challenges: The disproportion between the needs and the available human/material resources in the response capacity and the inherent time constraints of an emergency.
e broker said the new player faced some tough challenges, not least from a disproportion ate share of low-margin mortgages and a branch network over-dependent on Scotland.
Chapman, added: "We have a noticeable disproportion in male-tofemale learners at SWDT, which cur T, which cur T -rently stands at a 14:1 ratio.
Pour les autres intervenants, c'est cette disproportion entre [beaucoup moins que]tous ces avantages accordes a l'investissement national et etranger et les resultats negatifs realises dans le domaine[beaucoup plus grand que] qui pose probleme.
It is evident that there has always been a disproportion with the allocation of the budget but with BDI's arrival to power, this trend has finally improved.
The decline in workplace leadership is almost in direct disproportion to the increase in management training.
Eoe1/4EoOne certainly is the disproportion between the potential and possibilities and the existing economic relations between our two countries.
Part of the disproportion can be attributed to the fact the Patriots had to play from behind against the Bills and Jets.
2008) the effect of physical and psychical discomfort of the patient on his perception, the contribution of the subconscious factors, the disproportion between the patient's level of understanding of what is going on in the hospital and his expectations, leading to a distorted image, in which every error is emotionally amplified.
It appears that Mr Darragh's company likes making "big statements", namely the hideous edifice now being completed at Stockton's elegant, now dwarfed, Victoria bridge which is in total disproportion to its surroundings.
With respect to dystocia, failure to progress, cephalopelvic disproportion, arrest of labor, and so forth, a more scientific approach to labor was called for and evidence-based outcomes regarding length of labor as well as strength of contractions and other factors were promulgated in hopes of decreasing the absolute number of cesarean deliveries from these types of indication.