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Synonyms for disproportion

Synonyms for disproportion

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

Antonyms for disproportion

lack of proportion

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And do you consider truth to be akin to proportion or to disproportion?
The soul which is in the soul of each, craving a perfect beatitude, detects incongruities, defects and disproportion in the behavior of the other.
Her colonies in our vicinity will be likely to continue too much disproportioned in strength to be able to give us any dangerous annoyance.
In a hall, the height of which was greatly disproportioned to its extreme length and width, a long oaken table, formed of planks rough-hewn from the forest, and which had scarcely received any polish, stood ready prepared for the evening meal of Cedric the Saxon.
And here he proceeded to give a particular account of his sport, and the respective traits of prowess evinced by the badger and the dogs; my mother pretending to listen with deep attention, and watching his animated countenance with a degree of maternal admiration I thought highly disproportioned to its object.
Steven Vertovec documents the little-known experience of Indo-Caribbeans in Britain, while Errol Francis exposes collusion between psychiatry, the schools, and the penal system to define Black people as deviant, dangerous, and mad, to categorize and treat a disproportion of Black schoolchildren as educationally subnormal, and to incarcerate a disproportion of Black suspects in mental institutions.
In his book, On Tyranny: An Interpretation of Xenophon's Hiero, Strauss asserts with unusual clarity that Socratic dialogues are "based on the premise that there is a disproportion between the intransigent quest for truth and the requirements of society, or that not all truths are always harmless."
The disproportion is owing to the disproportionate amount of violence in these shows.
Our local cesarean support group liked the video a lot, but thought the way the possible causes for a cesarean were listed during the operation at the end without saying that many of these causes were preventable and advising the mothers to ask for a second opinion only served to reinforce the doctor's judgement that a cesarean was necessary (lack or progress and cephalo-pelvic disproportion can be valid causes, but only a small percentage of the time they are cited as reasons why a cesarean was necessary).
Of 224 women who gave birth during the year of this study, 38 had cesarean sections for reasons such as previous section, maternal genital herpes, primigravida breech, cephalopelvic disproportion, and fetal distress; these women were excluded from the study.
Both critiques have merit; the latter rests, however, in part on a misconception that racial disproportion in prisons is markedly worse in the United States than elsewhere.
That anecdote helps me grasp another vast disproportion: the sinister contrast between U.S.
The Zelig effect strikes again--but this time, the disproportion between Allen's persona and his surroundings is both comic and subtly, quietly macabre.
He provides some picture of the levels of income and wealth in our society, but he neglects the huge unofficial financial disproportion and the habitual values and customs that characterize classes rather than social strata.
A chapter summarizing the data on disproportion of various groups in special education introduces the book and shows that special education placement data suggest disproportions of males to females and Blacks to Whites, but not other minority students to Whites.