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Synonyms for disproof

any evidence that helps to establish the falsity of something

the act of determining that something is false

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For myself and my colleagues, homeopathy has stood the test of time as a philosophy, a coherent, logical system of thought, derived from the self-evident unity of the life force, a simple truism, and the "Law of Similars," a bold postulate, neither of which follows logically from anything else, or is therefore subject to experimental proof or disproof, like ordinary scientific hypotheses, as in Bertrand Russell's whimsical definition:
It has a number of crucial ambiguities and at least one central thesis that is very controversial and, like all good theses in history, subject to empirical disproof.
149) For example, parties may not introduce "evidence of a violent disposition to prove that the person was the aggressor in an affray, or evidence of honesty in disproof of a charge of theft.
Disproof of Bell's Theorem: Illuminating the Illusion of Entanglement, 2nd Edition
Nowadays, in the Romanian cultural space, it is easier to promote the death of ideologies than to start a process of disproof, of development or of ideological clarification.
Even if culture/tradition predications are assumed to be inherently capable of proof or disproof by European continental or analytic tradition, at least some of the differences between African philosophers involving culture/tradition-orientation are not resolved by the procedures of controlled inquiry.
I say dislocate because, of course, I will be the first to admit that there cannot, in principle, be a real disproof of any such second reality outside space and time, for just the same reason that there cannot be a proof.
Facts about voter fraud and the suppressive effects of voter ID requirements, for example, thus count for very little in today's discussions of such laws--not because either side is consciously dishonest about its intentions but because such arguments are driven by emotional commitments that are not subject to proof or disproof.
These experiments of textbook generalship serene in self-assurance and indifferent to repeated disproof produced slaughter on a scale to which not even a Napoleon could have aspired.
For it seems to me that their world is as much a disproof of ours as ours is of theirs.
The rhetoric of science is an exercise in attempted disproof of hypotheses, so that they may be replaced by newer, evolving hypotheses which better fit empirical observation.
While theories that can be subjected to experimental proof or disproof are scientific, neither evolution nor Intelligent Design can meet this criterion.
In administrative disputes between a public person and a private one there are internal ways to solve litigations namely the administrative appeal, procedure sometimes optional, sometimes mandatory, in which in case of disproof of an administrative act it can be repealed (with effects for the future) or retired (with retroactive effects).
Traditional logical calculi, which are designed to serve the remorseless aims of accumulation and consolidation and proof, rather than those of elimination and liquidation and disproof, are in some respects intransigently at odds with the uncompromisingly restless, we might even say dialectical, spirit of critical rationalism.
More recently, Nicholas Griffin has revived the argument as a disproof of absolute identity.