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the act of speaking contemptuously of

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Furthermore I have made public my dispraise of ABP panjandrums and others perceived by me to be "walking contradictions, and opportunists .
Nothing is here for tears, nothing to wail Or knock the breast, no weakness, no contempt, Dispraise, or blame, nothing but well and fair, And what may quiet us in a death so noble.
24) The quarto's prefatory essays address two distinct, imagined audiences: "To the Reader in Ordinarie" mocks a potential reader/customer of the quarto as "medling" and powerless because "neither praise, nor dispraise from you can affect mee.
I'm aware that space allotted for book reviews is usually short and that most attention should rightfully be directed toward the subject, but the one or two token sentences of praise or dispraise you get in the average review are disappointing, especially when you've put so much effort into the composition and literary effects of your work.
Marriage, far from being 'deeply embedded in the religious and social culture' of Christendom was a topic whose dispraise in Latin was boringly commonplace, and whose praise so controversial as to engender accusations of heresy.
The sequence, as a whole, however, contains many poems which are much more explicit in their praises and even the dispraise and vituperation at the cruel fair Stella.
Not ended then, the passionate ebb and flow, The awful tide that battled too and fro; We ride amid a tempest of dispraise.
Or consider the first line of "Ex America," the title essay of the 2004 volume: "The winds that blow our billions away return burdened with themes of scorn and dispraise.
Here is the first poem in Gilbert's first book, "In Dispraise of Poetry":
Negative descriptions were defined as dispraise, failures and socially undesirable acts or traits (e.
Is it more sin to wish me thus forsworn, Or to dispraise my lord with that same tongue Which she hath prais'd him with above compare So many thousand times?
Though the plays continued to be performed, by 1606 their shock value had passed, and in 1623 John Taylor could refer jokingly to Tamburlaine in his chariot whipping on his "pampered jades of Asia" to dispraise hackney coaches.
He has a comfortable house in the precincts, but was voluble in dispraise of the climate, as being unbearably cold in winter, and intensely hot in summer.
Southey, who knew the identity of the authors, gave it a particularly nasty review, singling out for dispraise the long poem that opened the collection, a supernatural tale of guilt and suffering and redemption; "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," he said, was "a poem of little merit"--"a Dutch [i.