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Synonyms for dispossession

the condition of being deprived of what one once had or ought to have

Synonyms for dispossession

the expulsion of someone (such as a tenant) from the possession of land by process of law

freeing from evil spirits

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Indigenous peoples' land dispossession was done gradually in several phases through a process, driven by colonial powers.
The councillor Jess Scully cautioned against diverting the debate about Indigenous dispossession and colonisation into a "culture war over one statue".
In this context, neoliberalism and neoliberal conservation are conceptualized as a state project of continuous dispossession and reassertion of control over communal lands.
RAMALLAH, May 19, 2017 (WAFA) -- The Palestine Liberation Organizationae1/4aos (PLO) Department of Culture and Information Thursday shared a video depicting the ongoing elimination and dispossession of the Palestinian people since 1947.
c) (i) permanent or temporary dispossession resulting from confiscation nationalization, commandeering or requisition by any lawfully constituted authority.
The disposed of applications included overseas Pakistanis complaints regarding delay in issuance of CNOP machine readable passports, illegal dispossession of properties, usurpation of inherited properties, lack of qualified professional legal advice, fraud and others.
No wonder then that too many of us, when confronted with another murderer, plunderer, tyrant and all their configurations, are confounded by the discovery; when confronted with the destructive dismantling of democracy, are at a loss for what to say or do or make of it; and when confronted with the spreading canopy of aggression and dispossession, are happy with the crumbs of spoils falling from the master's table and are quick to trade their freedom for quietude, humanity for comfort, justice for convenience, motherland for self-gain.
In rigorous detail, she analyzes their aesthetic founded on loss, dispersion, dispossession, and transformation engendered by the politics of Palestinian cultural expression.
She affirmed at the sitting the keenness of Parliament to support the youths by approving the Document of Arab Youths to preserve the identity of youths, benefit of their energies to serve the Arab Countries and protect them from intellectual and cultural dispossession .
THE VOLATILE EVENTS of the second half of the 19th century remain pinnacle to many contemporary debates around Indigenous land dispossession and identity in North America.
Cases where invading commercial stock farmers clashed with hunter-gatherers were particularly destructive, often resulting in a degree of dispossession and slaughter that destroyed the ability of these societies to reproduce themselves.
The Essential Guide to Possession, Dispossession & Divine Relationships
Recent scholarship highlights that accumulation by dispossession creates surplus populations who must sustain themselves outside wage labor, often through informal work.
There are lots of denials about the land dispossession of the African people in South Africa.
In what other genocide were the victims forced to finance and organize their own dispossession, deportation, and eventual extermination?