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Synonyms for dispossessed


Synonyms for dispossessed

physically or spiritually homeless or deprived of security

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Of course these two tribes were the first who were dispossessed of their lands by the Europeans.
Ikhayere said that the complainant boarded the bus, but on the way, the defendant and five others pretending to be passengers stopped the bus and dispossessed him of his phones.
When people are dispossessed, they are rid of Jinn.
Gone is the fiery humour and burning optimism of youth as he explores how the sale of Dublin's social housing to private landlords leaves the locals hungry and dispossessed in their own country, a situation of acute historical resonance.
Having dispossessed Leonardo Bonucci, Zaza underhit a pass back to Ichazo, allowing Mario Mandzukic to intercept and the Croatian was then tripped by Torino's substitute goalkeeper.
The bench ordered that members of the Sikh community should not be dispossessed from the said portion till further order by the court.
Faced with an abusive show of force by LLDA when it took over, dispossessed and effectively deprived IPM of the pursuit of its lawful operations, the company simply availed of a remedy available to it under the law.
'The state appears to have failed in its obligation to protect a citizen,' Justice Minallah noted in one of his orders, adding that the dispute between the parties has been pending before the competent court and the AC along with the police have dispossessed through an order which he could not pass.
Power, Humanitarianism, and the World's Dispossessed
In "Ignoble Displacement: Dispossessed Capital in Neo-Dickensian London", author, and interdisciplinary writer/academic Stephanie Polsky proposes that we reinterpret the writings of Charles Dickens to find the antecedents of our present situation with regards to capital, empire and subjectivity.
It is natural they are unhappy, as are we dispossessed prior BoC shareholders, now left with only one in every one hundred of our original shares.
The saga continues in this third volume of Morgan's Dispossessed series, a story fraught with the demon-fighting, gargoyle-assisted, suspenseful antics of the Waverly family.
for the poem "Scott, Supervisor of the Dispossessed" in Winter 2013
The hierarchy of the Catholic church should publicly remind Duncan Smith that the policy he is pursuing is in direct opposition to what his faith preaches regarding the poor, the vulnerable and the dispossessed in our society.
Le Guin has claimed that her novel The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia (1974) is an attempt to embody anarchy (The Wind's Twelve Quarters 1975: 232).