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Synonyms for disposition

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Synonyms for disposition

a person's customary manner of emotional response

the combination of emotional, intellectual, and moral qualities that distinguishes an individual

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Synonyms for disposition

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Her more fearless disposition and happier nerves made everything easy to her there.
For the same disposition of bodily elements, which in the former instance was momentarily present in the case of an access of shame, might be a result of a man's natural temperament, so as to produce the corresponding colouring also as a natural characteristic.
Such a science is classed as a disposition; it has a name, and is called 'boxing' or 'wrestling' as the case may be, and the name given to those disposed in this way is derived from that of the science.
Habits are at the same time dispositions, but dispositions are not necessarily habits.
For if we should say that justice admitted of variation of degree, difficulties might ensue, and this is true with regard to all those qualities which are dispositions. There are some, indeed, who dispute the possibility of variation here.
We did say that habits and dispositions were relative.
The dispositions were very complicated and difficult.
The generals seemed to listen reluctantly to the difficult dispositions. The tall, fair-haired General Buxhowden stood, leaning his back against the wall, his eyes fixed on a burning candle, and seemed not to listen or even to wish to be thought to listen.
Dohkturov, a little man, sat opposite Weyrother, with an assiduous and modest mien, and stooping over the outspread map conscientiously studied the dispositions and the unfamiliar locality.
Langeron's objections were valid but it was obvious that their chief aim was to show General Weyrother- who had read his dispositions with as much self-confidence as if he were addressing school children- that he had to do, not with fools, but with men who could teach him something in military matters.
"Gentlemen, the dispositions for tomorrow- or rather for today, for it is past midnight- cannot now be altered," said he.
The dispositions for the next battle are planned by him alone.
[ClickPress, Tue Aug 06 2019] A new market research study that has been recently presented by MRRSE states that the global IT asset disposition market is expected to witness a high level of competition among the key players throughout the forecast period.
Keywords: counterfactual interaction; extrinsic disposition; fragility; intrinsic disposition; toxicity
Roth and Swail (2000) said that standards for licensing teachers, containing ten standards; each standards consists of three subdivisions of prospective teachers' knowledge, skills and disposition. Teacher-educators are responsible to train their prospective teachers (PTs) as expert of content and practical work which is helpful to them for effective teaching in future.
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