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Synonyms for disposable



Antonyms for disposable

an item that can be disposed of after it has been used

Related Words

free or available for use or disposition

designed to be disposed of after use

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Spain, France & Switzerland) foodservice disposables distribution systems market is driven by increasing adoption of the on the go lifestyle and increasing initiatives taken by the various food disposables manufacturers to introduce food disposables with creative designs.
With the original Schick Hydro and Schick Hydro Silk we created razors designed to give our best shave for your skin," says Joanna DiDo-menico, brand manager for Schick Hydro Disposables.
Due to the reduced turn-around and easier set-up time, using disposables can increase the number of runs per year in a facility by 25-40%, depending on the scale.
Class IV surgical drapes and gowns will generate the best sales gains among nonwoven medical disposables as surgical infection prevention safeguards are upgraded by hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.
EPA recently issued a proposed rule to modify its hazardous waste management regulations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) for certain solvent-contaminated materials, such as reusable shop towels, rags, disposable wipes and paper towels.
The juvenile and adult hygiene film market consists of disposable diapers and feminine-hygiene and incontinence products.
Environmentalists who do want the convenience of disposables can try the cornstarch-based, compostable diapers from Nature Boy and Girl.
This is Autobar Disposables Group's first fully compostable rigid packaging available for commercial use in Europe and at present the range of products is suitable for ambient and chilled food and beverage products.
NEW YORK-The disposable food storage category is barely 3 years old, but already the array of products hitting retail shelves is making an impact on traditional food storage.
With the exception of keratitis, disposables pose less risk of eye problems than other soft lenses, several studies show.
This has increased the emphasis on the use of disposables to prevent infection and reduce error rates.
The shift to disposables will be one of gradual evolution, which makes the critical link between "plastic and steel" components and systems in a production environment a key area of focus.
For years, people automatically assumed that plastic-and-paper disposables did more damage to the environment than re-usable cotton diapers.
Some washable products are not designed to effectively contain stool, making disposables the products of-choice for such residents.
A report released last month offers environmentally conscious parents further license to consider the convenience of disposables.