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an item that can be disposed of after it has been used

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free or available for use or disposition

designed to be disposed of after use

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Table 41: German Historic Review for Baby Disposable Diapers with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 1991 through 2000 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-27
Total quantity or scope: The contract is for the supply of catering disposable products divided into 2 parts (tasks
Currently, North America is the largest market for nonwoven medical disposable products; however, with growing medical tourism and increasing spending on sophisticated hospitality services, Asia Pacific would marginally lead the global nonwoven medical disposable market by 2020.
The report then analyzes the global Disposable PE Gloves market size (volume and value) , and the sales segment market is also discussed by product type, application and region.
Home health care will form the fastest expanding market for disposable medical supplies as consumers broaden self-treatment and preventive medicine activities, and medical providers increase the range of services available to home patients.
Disposable technology entered biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the advent of disposable filters.
The proposal contains separate requirements for disposable towels and reusable wipes.
These product introductions follow a trend whereby K-C is shifting Huggies' from a disposable diaper brand to a complete baby care line.
Although environmental concerns are sometimes raised against disposable vs.
Problems with the processor forced Knowaste to send disposable diapers to landfills rather than recycle them, according to company officials and city leaders.
Which is better for the environment, disposable or cloth diapers?
NEW YORK-The disposable food storage category is barely 3 years old, but already the array of products hitting retail shelves is making an impact on traditional food storage.
Disposable chambers are available for the company's small sample adapter, said to be the number one accessory purchased by the company's viscosity testing customers.
Each kit contains absorbent powder, disposable gloves, paperboard spatula, towel, AlcoWipe Antimicrobial Wipe, biohazard bag with twist-tie, and easy-to-follow instructions.
Since entering the market in 1988, disposable contact lenses have come to account for one in five new prescriptions for contacts.