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Synonyms for displease

Synonyms for displease

to be very disagreeable to

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Talking points are periodically bolded amid chapters that severely question the existence of free will in a culture and universe filled with so many deterministic forces, the abuse of language to laud what benefits the self as "good" and discredit what psychologically or materially displeases the self as "evil", and other all-too-common hypocrisies of human speech and motivation.
This gender rebellion initially displeases the sacred ancestors, but in time the clever and courageous young woman wins over her critics and helps lead her nation's army to victory against the invading Huns.
Only the most misguided theologian would suggest that honouring the mother of Our Lord somehow displeases Him.
Of course, no one has to like watching ballet anymore than they like violent video games, I suppose, but this commercial disturbed me in that it is aimed at children (one of the product logos on the screen says "Teen" something or other) with the message not only that ballet and the arts are suitable objects of derision, but also that the way to deal with whatever displeases is to bomb it into oblivion.
The officials remained to the end, following Castro's advice that party militants ``not express the slightest manifestation of disgust at any phrase that displeases us or seems unjust,'' but they did not take communion.