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not pleased


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She learned that great personages were displeased with him on this account, and she changed her opinion.
This elder son, too, was displeased with his younger brother.
He was satisfied with the form in which he had expressed his thoughts, but displeased that Boris had overheard it.
I understand; you are displeased at the silence I have preserved on the subject.
BUT the trout was so displeased with the taste of the macintosh, that in less than half a minute it spat him out again; and the only thing it swallowed was Mr.
They hold that the Great Spirit is displeased with all nations who wantonly engage in war; they abstain, therefore, from all aggressive hostilities.
And formerly at Erithria, during the oligarchy of the Basilides, although the state flourished greatly under their excellent management, yet because the people were displeased that the power should be in the hands of so few, they changed the government.
Such a standing, I am sure, would have greatly displeased Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
The Palace official said Duterte 'was particularly displeased with the fact that in order to have a third telecoms player we would need to find frequencies to be allotted to the third telecom player.
According to a family member, the disagreement emerged after the constable was highly displeased over the invitation given to a few guests on his nephew's wedding.
When asked if the Farooq Sattar's was pressurised to make the alliance with PSP, Tessori said that there was lack of clarity in the press conference and that Sattar was displeased after Mustafa Kamal exceeded the mandate which was discussed with him.
Earlier, it was reported that Daniyal Aziz was displeased with the party due to which he also skipped today's oath taking ceremony of a 46-member new cabinet that included 28 federal and 18 state ministers.
Engin Altay, a deputy chairman for the CHP, said the decision was aimed at intimidating the opposition and all those displeased with the ruling AK Party.
Emma and Val are displeased |when Darren offers to take Finn Emma is worrying about Finn, while Val is worrying about Darren.
Emma and Val are displeased Emma and Val are displeased |when Darren offers to take Finn out