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a window of a store facing onto the street

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45am on Wednesday November 20, two men forced their way into the Mococo shop in St Peter's Square, Ruthin by smashing a display window and forcing the locked door causing extensive damage in the process.
A smashed display window at Pykes The Jewellers, in Birkenhead, yesterday
The Bump Out 2 Display Window is the original design recognized throughout the world.
The backlit liquid crystal display is 106 pixels X 56 pixels, and a dead-fronted warning indicator is positioned above the graphic display window.
The answer, 14, would then appear in the display window.
The use of a custom formulation of the thermoset monomer ADC (allyl diglycol carbonate) is rapidly growing as a replacement for glass in a number of instrument display window and data capture system applications.
In addition to displaying the digital video survey in MPEG or WHY format with links to the observed defects as recorded by the CCTV Operator, JPEG files can now be launched from the defect display window.
The theft took place at lunchtime on November 24 last year when an offender reached inside an insecure display window at Cheshires jewellers at Touchwood shopping centre.
The player will also featuring Sony's new Follow Turn Display function, where the display window changes from landscape to portrait depending on the unit's orientation.
A display window frame may appear to be a relatively inconsequential part within a large enclosure, but it can be an opportunity for savings.
Bonfiglio's practice of creating his works while seated in his storefront studio's display window has made as much of an impression as his paintings themselves.
The site offers three primary services: a display window of unbranded and branded lots of merchandise organized by categories, direct or reverse auctions on appealing branded lots, and reverse auctions driven by the specific requests of buyers.
The Display Window itself has two pop-up menus, the first for publication format and the second for main entry choice.