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Synonyms for displace

Synonyms for displace

to alter the settled state or position of

to take the place of (another) against the other's will

Synonyms for displace

take the place of or have precedence over

cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense

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In that case, the ship would no longer displace enough water to support its weight.
SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Lois David, internally displace person from Maridi County:
BioOil is a green house gas (GHG) neutral fuel that can effectively displace natural gas, diesel and heavy fuel in heat and power applications.
Plastic sacks will displace multiwall paper sacks for packaging of larger sizes of dry dog food according to a new report by Plastics Research Associates (PRA) of Houston.
The presence of a cervical rib displaces the great vessels that cross the thoracic outlet superiorly and proceed into the neck.
1) Medial expansion of the wall of the maxillary sinus into the nasal cavity displaces the inferior turbinate and causes the nasal obstruction.
Decree number 83 aims at preserving the sanctity of displaced families' houses, and punishes anyone who displaces people according to cthe ounter-terror law," General Qassim Atta said in a press conference in Baghdad.