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Synonyms for dispirited

Synonyms for dispirited

Synonyms for dispirited

marked by low spirits


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filled with melancholy and despondency

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side dispirited and as the final sent them from back-toback weekend King At this point the Eagles had a bit momentum and around the quarters break sneaked into a nine-point lead, with the score at 26-17.
"I was prepared for it, obviously it's a side-effect of chemo, but it's disconcerting covers head dispirited.
"They definitely are not game to take on Australian forces and they will avoid direct contact," the Courier Mail quoted Scott as saying, who added that they were "a dispirited fractured bunch of small groups running around the countryside".
Prime Minister Erdogan also rejected arguments by main opposition CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu that the Turkish military was dispirited to fight terrorists.
Clearly dispirited with his performance, Davis immediately left Sheffield's English Institute of Sport without commenting.
LEEDS Carnegie will prop up the Aviva Premiership table heading into a fortnight's break for European action - but rugby director Andy Key is not dispirited.
She said: "It's really disappointing but our policy is not to be dispirited and if it happens we'll just put it back and carry on.
Judge Keith Cutler, secretary of the Council of Circuit Judges, said his members had been left "dispirited" by the strong criticism levelled at some individuals for passing "lenient" sentences.
Exhausted and dispirited, she travels back to her homeland, only to discover that all is not well; winter has held on far into spring, and a mysterious disease is killing chanters.
In between them and Wales' first Grand Slam since 1978 stand Ireland, a dispirited side beaten by the French.
But for those dispirited and angered by the 2000 election, the president's response to 9/11 and its aftermath, his family's ties to Saudi oil, and the White House's monomaniacal prosecution of the war in Iraq (and subsequent disinterest in Osama bin Laden or weapons of mass destruction), Moore has fashioned a cri de coeur that resonates across the land.
I spent a thoroughly dispiriting few hours the other day, talking to other equally dispirited IT people.
Like McCain, I'm not dispirited by the notion that Congress will have to revisit the issue every few years.
Even without a score from him, a 28-0 scoreline at half time left no way back for Moseley, who were looking a little dispirited at the break.
Dispirited, he chicken scratches a sketch and frowns, until she busts him: "You give up too soon!" She's peevish with cramps from the awkward poses, as well as the codger's philosophical ravings that he's "going to break her apart" to get at the absolute Form under her surface.