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Synonyms for dispirited

Synonyms for dispirited

Synonyms for dispirited

marked by low spirits


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filled with melancholy and despondency

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Most of the people who came to me were dispirited and an interview revealed that most of them were dispirited even before onset of their physical difficulties.
Their third arrived in the 63rd minute with Tranmere looking a dispirited side.
During one state caucus, a dispirited Connecticut activist told how he had tried to get the guides in local Catholic churches but failed.
He was indefatigable, never seemed dispirited, and his friendly, folksy off-the-cuff style resonated.
Highlights of today's weekend review include Paolo Di Canio's awesome goal against the dispirited Dons, the disgusting refusal of dunce ref Rob Harris to give Hammers three blatant penalties and Paul Scholes' classic strike against Bradford.
If there was a moment when he became dispirited, it was probably at the prospect of having to listen to Robert McCartney.
On Medicaid, the Republican leadership has one clear advantage over the dispirited opposition -- a common goal: trim the growth in federal payments.
Set in Mexico in the late 1930s, Under the Volcano is the story of the last desperate day in the life of Geoffrey Firmin, a dispirited alcoholic and former British consul.
Even the growth in debt, which demoralized the Republicans and left them a dispirited bunch unable to defend their leader's accomplishments, turned out to be positive.
Wenger stood in the technical area looking like his team - drenched, dishevelled and dispirited.
The two characters almost ``meet up'' in the play's culmination, a kind of parallel day of reckoning which will either leave you with a slight ray of hope or else seriously dispirited.
At times like that, people can literally become dispirited but the people of Philadelphia had remained faithful.
Soldiers stationed at Fort Stanton have rounded up as many of the Apaches as they can find and have placed them on a reservation, where idleness and destruction of their traditional way of life have dispirited them.
She said residential staff were often dispirited, feeling their role had been reduced to little more than medical orderlies.
Meanwhile a dispirited endgame is being played out in Grozny, once the capital city of Chechnya, now little more than a smoking heap of asphalt and timber.