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Synonyms for dispersed

Synonyms for dispersed

distributed or spread over a considerable extent


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The demonstrators on the by-pass had barricaded the section between Lang'ata and Ngong roads to loot from motorists but police arrived in haste and dispersed them, and opened up the road.
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Northwest Oregon District has removed several dispersed campsites along the Quartzville Back Country Byway, located northeast of Sweet Home, Oregon.
These rioters were dispersed with riot-dispersing techniques.
Security forces forcibly dispersed a number of protests around the country on 3 July 2014
Fabricating composites with dispersed nanostructures is difficult because of the problem of dispersing such small particles without agglomeration.
Many trees that have seeds dispersed by primates are also important to people, because those who live in the vicinity of the forests gather a lot of fruit and nuts,' Olsson said.
The University of New Hampshire Coastal Response Research Center is funding three projects aimed at better understanding the impact of dispersed oil.
South Africa: South African police on Sunday blocked and dispersed a march by hundreds of striking miners against a security crackdown in the country s restive platinum belt.
Summary: The Dubai Police dispersed a group of Indians who conducted a walk in Al Mamzar Beach Park in support of the ongoing anti-corruption movement in India on Saturday night.
The gatherings dispersed without incident and no confrontations with security forces were reported.
Based on different viscoelasticities, blend ratios and processing conditions for immiscible thermoplastic polymer blends, one polymer can exist in another polymer in the form of spheres, ellipsoids, fibrils, and lamellas as a dispersed phase (1).
Police said they had dispersed hundreds of protesters who blocked a northern Egyptian highway on Friday for two hours and attempted to set fire to a private car after it struck and killed a Government employee, security sources said Saturday.
Available in two configurations, the standard liquid sample handling unit (LSHU) includes a reservoir that is adjustable between 590 to 690 mL of dispersed sample.
Freely downloadable from the Malvern website, this new document guides the reader through some of the fundamental properties of dispersed systems and demonstrates how these affect its rheology.
The expression (2) shows that the derivative of the conditioned average of f, left hand side (LHS), is split in two parts, right hand side (RHS): the first one is the conditioned average of the derivative of f, and the second, named interaction term, includes the contribution of the interfaces of dispersed elements and is related to the derivatives of the indicator function.