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ASD will have their daily classes winding up at 3:45 pm, as usual, while DESS and Cambridge International will continue to disperse at 1pm.
Each disperse element dynamic and geometrical configuration will be characterized by a set of variables, denoted by [z.
FM mixer has the ability to frictionally elevate the temperature of material being mixed and to disperse agglomerated fine powders including most pigments.
Pc Mark Lamb, from Hillwood Road police base, said: "The orders mean we can escort under-16s home if they live within the dispersal area and ask others to disperse.
The helicopter spent 15 minutes hovering above the park beaming a strong light to disperse the group.
Sodic soils that do not disperse include those that have a high electrolyte concentration (Quirk and Schofield 1955); those found in the Riverine Plain of south-eastern Australia which have a subplastic B horizon (Isbell 1996); those which have a soluble Ca: Mg ratio [greater than or equal to] 1 (Rengasamy et al.
Police said rubber bullets were fired into an intersection to disperse a crowd.
These changes, in turn, can influence subsequent pathways of community development and diversity by altering environmental conditions and affecting the abundance and activity of animals that consume and disperse seeds (Werner and Harbeck, 1982; McDonnell and Stiles, 1983; Archer et al.
triguing, this research offers scientists the first clear-cut answer to an age-old riddle: How do animal species manage to disperse or scatter their populations around the world, especially on remote island chains?
It is desirable, however, to maintain a slightly higher compactability at the mixer than that required in production in order to develop and disperse the clay properly and to accommodate for the loss of some moisture that occurs between mixing, molding and pouring.
Traditional nanoclays have a plate-like structure, requiring extra manufacturing steps and specialized equipment to separate the layers through exfoliation and disperse them throughout a polymer, such as nylon.
Aamir Afridi told media persons that he was on way to doctor for his daughter checkup and when he saw the students he stopped with the aim to disperse the student but the Khasadar force tortured him and two other students.
70 [micro]m at position B, which means that Configuration 3 should has a stronger shear to disperse the minor phase (Fig.
Low melt temperature may prevent polymer from wetting the wood adequately and also make it difficult to disperse colorants effectively.
Officers sprayed pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, which pelted the police with rocks, pylons, cans, bottles, asphalt and chunks of concrete.