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Synonyms for dispensation

Synonyms for dispensation

the act of distributing or the condition of being distributed

the giving of a medication, especially by prescribed dosage

Words related to dispensation

an exemption from some rule or obligation

a share that has been dispensed or distributed

the act of dispensing (giving out in portions)

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The Chinese New Year is an important event for them, so it is but proper to give them the dispensation (from the obligation of fasting),' he said in an interview at the Archbishop's Residence in Cebu City.
In view of the celebration of the Chinese New Year, its cultural and spiritual importance and the traditional practices associated with it, we therefore grant dispensation from the Lenten discipline of abstinence to our Chinese-Filipino and Chinese Catholics in the Archdiocese of Manila and their guests on February 16, 2018," he said in a circular addressed to all Filipino Chinese and Chinese Catholics in the Archdiocese of Manila dated January 19, 2018.
RAWALPINDI -- Chief Justice Lahore High Court, Syed Mansoor Ali Shah said competence and efficiency of judges in dispensation of justice was as important as the independence of judiciary.
LAHORE -- Chief Justice Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah has ordered to set up two model courts in each district of the province to ensure dispensation of speedy justice to the litigants.
Ortom charged the new Chief Judge to ensure speedy dispensation of Justice.
Speaking at a function of the Bar Association at Plundri on Sunday, he counted a number of measures taken by his government to fulfill his commitment with the people establish merit and ensure dispensation of justice including induction in services through public service commission and National testing service (NTS).
Paterson, who was jailed for 15 years, was also given dispensation by the judge for his daughter to sit besides him throughout proceedings at Nottingham Crown Court.
The dispensation will apply to banks, non-banking finance companies, micro finance companies and housing finance institutions.
MUZAFFARABAD -- The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chief Justice Justice Muhammad Azam Khan said that collaborative efforts by the bench and the bar are necessary to strengthen the judicial system for dispensation of quick justice to masses.
Logan is admirably precise in distinguishing the difference between Super specula and Cum ex eo, with the former giving a license to an already ordained priest to study, and the latter a dispensation for a rector to study before his ordination.
However, he could have been kept on if the Birmingham Labour Group had applied for special dispensation due to serious illness - but the party failed to do so.
But after fans' protests, AFC Rushden & Diamonds have now been granted special dispensation by the Football Association to continue without the number one shirt in tribute to Dale.
Caterham entered administration on Friday and have been given special dispensation to miss the next two grands prix while a buyer is sought for the cashstrapped marque.
It is true that FLTs which travel less than 1,000 yards have special dispensation from compliance with the Construction and Use Regulations, but this dispensation does not make FLTs exempt from Road Traffic Legislation.