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a messenger who carries military dispatches (usually on a motorcycle)

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Known as 'Don Rs', the dispatch riders were military messengers mounted on horse or motorcycle, and, occasionally in Egypt during the war, on camels.
Royal Enfield spokesman Samrat Som said: "The dispatch riders played such an important role in both the First World War and Second World War.
During the harsh conditions of desert warfare, he recalls how he and his fellow dispatch riders devised cunning ways to get by.
Bob's exceptional riding skills were put to good use during World War II when he became an Army motorcycle instructor, helping to train hundreds of dispatch riders in the art of off-road riding.
The young Air Training Corps sergeant raising funds for charity (Echo, October 6) reminds me of 1344 squadron ATC, who were asked by Cardiff Police for volunteers to train as motorcycle dispatch riders during the war.
The camp fathers pool their resources to dispatch riders and build a sick tent, while Cochran enlists Jane as a nurse as smallpox strikes.
Every regiment of the British Army is proud of its history and the little foibles to distinguish it from others, and when I joined the Royal Corps of Signals in 1940 it was drilled into us that every unit has its motor cyclists, but only the Royal Signals have dispatch riders, who are identified by their blue and white arm bands.
The writer mentioned that he was a dispatch rider in the RASC during WWII.
When king Henry VIII set up the first official post service, he contracted innkeepers to keep the change of horses for dispatch riders.
But it was rather different for David Goss, who had to avoid a few bombs as a motorcycle dispatch rider in theBirmingham area.
Before you were accepted as a dispatch rider, you had to ride your bike flat out.