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Synonyms for dispatch

Synonyms for dispatch

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to eat completely or entirely

Synonyms for dispatch

an official report (usually sent in haste)

the act of sending off something

the property of being prompt and efficient

killing a person or animal

send away towards a designated goal

kill intentionally and with premeditation

dispose of rapidly and without delay and efficiently

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kill without delay

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Macintosh Productivity Edition CDs, as well as other Software Dispatch CDs, are available now from Software Dispatch by calling 800-937-2828, extension 600.
Software Dispatch for Windows features an interactive tutorial that walks customers through the CD-ROM "store" and familiarizes them with the buying process.
Dispatch Edition has not only provided a web-based reporting tool to track and administer re-deliveries, we can now be assured the message was delivered to the device.
With the automated capabilities of Direct Dispatch, businesses will enjoy interactive, real time reporting that will significantly speed up their entire trouble resolution process.
One of our customers is an eye laser center that uses Optivon's Service Dispatch as an around-the-clock inbound call center for sales queries, appointments and customer service," said Safley.
On the basis of applications, the dispatch console market is segmented into: transportation, public safety, utilities, manufacturing, government and military, and natural resource extraction among others.
This announcement is created when 911 dispatchers have reviewed and approved the emergency information generated by the emergency communications center's Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) system.
This should be completed before further financial commitments are made for a new dispatch center.
Bernd Frank, CEO of RECY Systems AG in Unterschleissheim, Germany, which serves the scrap metal and paper industries, says that routing software should be integrated into the dispatch process.
Civilian telecommunicators new to police dispatch find these call guides especially useful because they cover a broad range of possible situations.
Under the PPAs, PSCo has a right to all of the capacity, energy, and dispatch of the facilities.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 Dispatch console is a chain of panels equipped with signaling, monitoring, and communicating facility enabling dispatchers/operators to effectively manage, co-ordinate, and communicate progress of work with the connected resources.
Quickly assemble photos, titles, and text with a custom cover that captures the Dispatch.
Eleven years after voters approved its construction, the Los Angeles Police Department's new dispatch center in the San Fernando Valley had taken its first 911 call.