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He also brings the dispassion of a true economist, treating the creation of penalties and the withdrawal of subsidies as economically identical--a lesson conservatives would do well to learn.
In "Ode to a Drone," we find a dazzling allusion to Gerard Manley Hopkins: "Hell-raiser, razor-feathered / riser, windhover over / Peshawar." Here, however, we also have the irritating juxtaposition of Hopkins's religious ecstasy and the dispassion of a "joystick-blithe [gamer]" assassinating unsuspecting victims.
Those used to reading Patricia Highsmith's tales of premeditated murder and Nietzschean dispassion will be introduced to forbidden yearnings of a different sort, and screenwriter Phyllis Nagy does an admirable job of building the sexual tension between Cate Blanchett's Carol Aird and Rooney Mara's Therese Belivet.
This Burke, a veteran journalist who over the past 20 years has reported from virtually every corner of the Islamic world, does with impressive thoroughness and clinical dispassion. That the terrorist attack suffered by Parisians in November--further compounded by the incident in San Bernardino--elicited a response verging on hysteria may be understandable.
But there is no making sense of the Trump phenomenon, let alone figuring out a plausible strategy for addressing it, unless you stifle your outrage long enough to examine it with dispassion.
To be a Didion fan is to be a defender of the sharp and brutal edges, a champion of the dispassion, a forgiver--even an appreciator--of the simmering elitism." MEGHAN DAUM
Again, there was King: "It is a tragic mix-up when the United States spends $500,000 for every enemy soldier killed [in Vietnam] and only $53 annually on the victims of poverty" Sivard's dispassion and persistence brings to mind the fable of the Buddhist spiritual master who descended to the town square every day to cry out against war.
Several important Landlord laws surround the timing of eviction notices, dispassion of back-rent and damages.
Unfortunately, when desperation trumps dispassion, the house--in the Islamic Republic of Iran--will always win.
"the tone and dispassion of the (Planned Parenthood) employees speaking on those tapes was offensive and unacceptable, and will be addressed," but said there was no grounds for a criminal investigation of the Northern New England branch as requested by Wheeler.
Their routines are the epitome of ordinary; as one inmate explains, 'In here, a man can eat and sit, and sleep if he can, and no-one bothers him.' In their abandonment, the inmates' existence also embodies heartbreak at its most extreme, hopelessness and helplessness combining to disquieting effect even as the feature unravels with the director's customary dispassion. Who needs made-up movie monsters when being discarded and locked away is an actual scenario to fear, the film ponders.
One argument posits that regular TV exposure might, as a 2006 Congressional Research Service report put it, "result in increased threats against judges, lawyers, and other participants in the courtroom." More often, cameras' opponents worry that their presence will erode the Court's carefully cultivated atmosphere of seriousness, dispassion, and non-partisanship.
He still keeps his promise to his mother, " I will never return to Tibet," he reiterates with dispassion, staring into the distance.
The ritualized exchange between those spouting revolutionary jargon in broken English and those who wield state power with tactical dispassion is exposed in all its pompous vacuity when confronted with a powerful image from the hostage crisis.