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Synonyms for disparate

Synonyms for disparate

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Words related to disparate

fundamentally different or distinct in quality or kind

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including markedly dissimilar elements

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However, discrimination based on hair or hairstyles that disparately affect a person based on their race can be alleged as race discrimination, and perhaps citing to the New York City Commission on Human Rights' new guidance will provide persuasive authority.
(85) When intrastate preemption disparately harms people of color, the negative impact of such preemption poses a threat more concrete and severe than "impeding innovation and experimentation." (86) Indeed, the cost of intrastate minimum wage preemption that disparately harms women of color not only poses dire financial consequences for many low-income women and their families, but also further alienates women of color from being represented in a political process from which their interests are already excluded.
He disparately said that "we have not acted upon Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Jinnah's thoughts that he had expressed about Pakistan in his famous speech of 11th August 1947, delivered in the Constitutional Assembly".
However, the subsequent challenge with employing such a model had to do with geography--these disparately located communities could not feasibly be connected to the same grid; each village would need to generate its own power.
"We believe the district court seriously misconstrued the robust causality requirement described in Inclusive Communities and erroneously rejected Plaintiffs' prima facie claim that Waples' Policy disparately impacted Latinos," Floyd wrote.
"The commission will work with the administration to try to grant the appropriate amount of licenses to start off, and revisit the industry as it grows to see how many there are so we don't run into the same problem we have with liquor licenses, where we have a finite amount of licenses and people are fighting over the ones we have."In terms of the bill's social equity components, it contains language giving an additional boost to women and minorities seeking licenses, as well as people who live in areas disparately affected by the war on drugs.
Poloko Nkalolang, who was introduced to replace the ineffective Letswetse Leririma in Police attack watched disparately as his glancing header was comfortably collected by the stocky GU keeper, Tumisang Selolwane.
Appellant alleged that the postconviction court's refusal to characterize his first-degree controlled-substance sale conviction as a second-degree controlled-substance sale conviction based on the DSRA's updated weight thresholds violated his constitutional right to equal protection because it treated offenders differently based on the dates of their crimes and because the pre-DSRA sentencing guidelines disparately impacted African Americans.
Like most industries, a blanket enforcement of a regulation lacks specific policy nuances I and disparately impacts geographical groups in this instance.
Assuming the CRA's policy choice to treat such taxpayers disparately is inspired by gross revenues or GST/HST disclosed, TEI would like to make clear that there are many large taxpayers that have no internal tax resources and limited resources to hire tax consultants.
To avoid the risk of arriving at decisions that disparately impact certain classes of individuals specifically pertinent to the Facebook example, we know there are three main sources of bias leading to discriminatory outcomes: input, training and programming of the AI.
Pakistan has to provide them with all the support needed, to function as a province, because Pakistan disparately needs more provinces to create political balance, as an essential element of a robust democratic order.
to unequal voting and disparately impacted racial and ethnic minorities
In sanitation, African countries south of the Sahara have also fallen behind, disparately impacting women and children through decreasing health, nutrition, education, gender equality, and poverty reduction (United Nations, 2013).
Consider baseball: Some teams pay players much more disparately than others do, and one might think that pay inequality creates incentives for better performance and more wins.