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Synonyms for disparate

Synonyms for disparate

not like another in nature, quality, amount, or form

Words related to disparate

fundamentally different or distinct in quality or kind

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including markedly dissimilar elements

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray issued the following statement after the ruling: "The court's decision upholds the use of disparate impact under the Fair Housing Act.
The pernicious use of disparate impact analysis has not been confined to OCR.
IREM opposes policies and practices which are known to have a disparate impact on any demographic group defined by race, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, familial status, sexual orientation or gender identity.
But Browner insists that a Title VI disparate impact standard must play a role in the permitting process, an approach that many state environmental officials simply find unworkable.
It is insufficient to simply claim that law enforcement is a physically demanding job and expect a court to uphold a physical standard that has a disparate impact on women.
Back pay is taxable under the amended CRA for disparate impact discrimination and under the unamended CRA for both intentional disparate treatment and disparate impact discrimination.
To the extent that the federal government regulatory agencies, and the Justice Department, ramp up their fair lending enforcement activities, and in doing so leverage the disputed, and probably at-its-core unconstitutional, statistically-based disparate impact theory, the financial services industry is definitely worse off today than it was yesterday," Umholtz told CU Times.
The client note said that the court explained that its decision to vacate the disparate impact rule was required by the Supreme Court's decision in Smith u.
For example, an apartment owner's use of resident screening may present a risk of liability under the disparate impact theory.
The Company is providing an offering to enhance enterprise-based biometric and media storage and analysis applications for surveillance, pre-screening, data scanning and random security checks, that help government agencies effectively manage, and analyze disparate media types -- such as fingerprints, face scans, video files and voice prints -- with a single and cost effective platform.
17) The Court implied, however, that the result would be different with respect to intentional discrimination claims (but not disparate impact claims(18)) brought under Title VII after its amendment by the Civil Rights Act of 1991 because of the full range of compensatory damages now available to such plaintiffs.
A person claiming that an employment standard has a disparate impact based on race, color, sex, national origin, or religion must demonstrate factually a disparity of legal consequence before the law will require an employer to demonstrate business necessity.
The Court simply did not reach the issue of whether recovery could be had in the case based on disparate impact.
That is, can you take the information from disparate ad-hoc data sources, query it, cleanse it, manipulate it, and produce a report that addresses the specific question that is being asked of it?
Coupled with Web Services that connect to an organization's existing workflow components, xPression allows disparate systems to communicate with one another, radically increasing efficiency of creation and delivery of regulated documents including policies, contracts, proposals and correspondence.