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You should see your GP if you feel very unwell or your symptoms are severe, have a persistent fever, your symptoms last longer than three weeks, you feel confused, disorientated or drowsy, have chest pain or difficulty breathing, cough up blood or blood-stained phlegm, you're pregnant, 65 or over, you think your child has a chest infection, you have a weakened immune system, you have a longterm health condition.
Staff at Caffe Nero in Northallerton, and members of the public, cared for a 100-yearold after he became disorientated in the cold google
But it was his case that he had been struck by a car and was disorientated.
e police arrived "rst, he was very disorientated, he was pale, he didn't have any shoes on.
While he was disorientated he heard the pair run off laughing.
It went well, but I'm obviously very sore & disorientated still.
TWO anglers were rescued after becoming disorientated in fog as the tide was coming in.
A MAN who got disorientated in cloud on a Snowdonia hillside was led to safety by rescuers.
Summary: Troubled singer Amy Winehouse received boos after appearing disorientated on stage during the first show of her European tour in Serbia.
50pm yesterday the skipper of the Jolly Roger called Humber Coastguard for help when they became disorientated near Tynemouth pier in thick fog that descended over the coast on the incoming tide.
Disorientated He added: "This will have cost more than pounds 100,000, and I think the approach was far too soft.
EDDIEAHERNinjured a shoulder when he was one of two jockeys to take a fall after their mounts became disorientated in the fog after passing the winning line at Bath yesterday, writes Rodney Masters.
But we will still demand a 20-hour day out of a doctor training on the wards, even though we are fully aware that he or she will be dangerously disorientated by the end of the shift and that patients will be at risk.
The man, aged 23, who had become disorientated in mist on the Isle of Lewis, was reported missing by his father when he failed to return home.
As initial autopsies suggested the dolphins might have been scared or disorientated, MoD officials said training exercises with a submarine and survey ship using sonar had also been held in Falmouth Bay.