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Synonyms for disorganised

lacking order or methodical arrangement or function


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DISORGANISED Britons miss holiday flights by turning up at the airport on the wrong day or standing in the wrong check-in queue.
Windows into staff psychology Desktop with icons strewn across the screen - the owner is disorganised and tends to lose focus easily.
Poor money management on the part of the disorganised and the spendthrift means that many are forced to miss out on snacks, morning coffee and celebrity gossip.
A SENIOR cancer specialist yesterday branded the Irish health service as disorganised letters on a scrabble board.
Pompey looked totally disorganised, particularly in the 13th minute when an error by skipper Darren Moore helped Walsall score the only goal of a scrappy match.
INTER Milan's Paulo Sousa says his disorganised side need to improve drastically to beat United tomorrow.
SCOTLAND'S World Cup opponents Brazil were last night branded disorganised and overrated.
BRIDESMAIDS Channel 4, 9pm A disorganised woman is asked to be maid of honour at her best friend's wedding.
He added: "We've been a little disorganised recently and possibly have to work in training a bit more.
It was all a bit disorganised and it's clear Ronnie is unsure who was on the label.
Australia, on the other hand, have come out of not playing cricket for two or three months, look rusty and disorganised and their batting order seems all over the place.