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Synonyms for disorganisation

a condition in which an orderly system has been disrupted

the disturbance of a systematic arrangement causing disorder and confusion

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Part 2 explores disorganisation in relation to trauma and unresolved loss, with a detailed explanation of the importance of the emerging concepts of reflective function and mentalisation and their differences.
Yorkadji also observed disorganisation in the National Guard's armaments storage facility.
I lament the disorganisation," he said, "It was obvious that it was going to catch fire.
00pm) Paul Kenyon investigates the quality of care for the older generation, exposing a world of disorganisation, poor management and neglect.
Finally, treatment of the cells with PLE prevented UV-induced morphological changes in human fibroblasts, namely disorganisation of F-actin-based cytoskeletal structures, coalescence of the tubulin cytoskeleton and mislocalization of adhesion molecules such as cadherins and integrins.
UHY said the results provided proof that the merger of the departments had been handled ineffectively and had caused severe disorganisation and disruption with a declining level of service to the public.
These can be behavioural problems, poor concentration, poor social skills, disorganisation, mood swings, a poor sense of danger and specific learning difficulties.
The four candidates are the privately-owned Jordan and Sauber plus BAR-Honda and Jaguar, owned by Ford - the car giant which is upset at the sport's long-running disorganisation.
Samoa cashed in on England's disorganisation and frequent errors but were undone at the end, and it is hard to see the Springboks slipping up in such a basic way.
Labour union and staff association membership and density has fallen, collective organisation has experienced dislocation and disorganisation and worker self-confidence has been sapped.
A teenager, not very worldly wise, was left floundering because of inaccurate instructions and disorganisation.
It's got everything: unpredictability, sex, fighting, cute babies, bats and best of all, a big dollop of disorganisation.
It's none of your business if they're living in a perpetual state of disorganisation.
The author promises to 'help you identify and transform the root causes of disorganisation by teaching you how to recognise habits of thought and action that contribute to disorder, and by inspiring and motivating you to make changes that direct you to amore rewarding and stress-free way of life.
Together they live out a life of domestic squalor and disorganisation, of childlike joy and heartbreaking grief as each struggles with the roles forced upon them.