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Synonyms for disobedient

Synonyms for disobedient

refusing or failing to obey

Synonyms for disobedient

not obeying or complying with commands of those in authority

unwilling to submit to authority


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``'Tis impossible,'' cried Prince John, with well-feigned astonishment, ``that so gallant a knight should be an unworthy or disobedient son!''
Don't you wish, Ojo, with all your heart, that you had not been disobedient and broken a Law of Oz?"
I must say, with all her faults, I never found her disobedient or untrustworthy before and I'm real sorry to find her so now."
You can't imagine how she lectures me: I am disobedient and ungrateful; I am thwarting her wishes, wronging my brother, and making myself a burden on her hands.
Have I ever taught my daughter disobedience?--Here she stands; speak honestly, girl, did ever I bid you be disobedient to me?
The 16-year-old became disobedient after his mother and father split and stopped going to lessons when he should have been studying for his GCSEs
John said the defendant was disobedient to and disrespectful toward the court.
MISCHIEVOUS mongrels and disobedient dogs from North Wales are needed for a new series of a hit TV show.
He told them that he has been a worker, energetic, dynamic, honest, successful and disobedient his whole life.
SIR Stamford Raffles is best remembered as the founder of modern-day Singapore, but a new exhibition sheds light on less well-known exploits of a man also criticised as a disobedient adventurer and bloodthirsty imperialist.
It may not be an issue for some, but her disrespectful and disobedient act is not a good example for many people.
One of the core reason behind it is that differences between husband and wife which makes mind of children to have differences and resultantly become disobedient. Sometimes differences leads to quarrel with each other which damage the overall personality of children like such children whose parents fights on minor issues always remain in-confident and coward.
One of the core reasons behind this attitude is unfortunate difference between husband and wife that makes children vulnerable to bad manners and they resultantly become disobedient. Sometimes differences lead to quarrel with each other on minor issues that damage the overall personality of their children who lack confidence and become rude and disrespectful.
While talking to newsmen, the arrested man said that his son was disobedient due to which he killed him.
Siti earlier highlighted a question in a September/ October 2018 model examination paper for the Form Five Islamic Studies subject, issued by the Selangor Education Department, on how to beat a 'disobedient' wife.