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Synonyms for disobedient

Synonyms for disobedient

refusing or failing to obey

Synonyms for disobedient

not obeying or complying with commands of those in authority

unwilling to submit to authority


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to abduct disobedient children and spirit away their souls to the underworld.
Anyone who believes the Bible offers the best guidance we have on questions of punishing disobedient children has some very strange ideas about guidance or punishment.
Police said the employer at first denied any involvement but later admitted she had beaten the maid because she was disobedient and lazy.
They confronted the father who confessed that he had beaten up his son because he was disobedient.
In their statements to the court, the brothers said they were not disobedient but were unwilling to support their father because he was cruel and irresponsible.
AMSA has issued a Marine Notice 03/2015 to state its decision on acting strongly against disobedient vessels.
com)-- As specialists in industrial adhesives with long lifetime performance criteria Intertronics are delighted that their relationship with British artist Carrie Reichardt is now demonstrating exactly that principle at the V&A Disobedient Objects Exhibition which is open until 1st February 2015.
They don't share their old man's sadistic tendencies, however, so it'll just be me tuning in to the Gunners against Dortmund, watching with tears rolling down my cheeks as class clown Per Mertesacker and his equally disobedient pals try to give the impression they've done their homework on the German attack.
3 You must be the dominant dog - treating a pug like a princess can make it disobedient and unhappy.
Peshawar -- Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief has urged the nation not to pay taxes and utility bills, announcing civil disobedient movement in his Sunday key address to sit-in however PTI gives awkward logic that the appeal did not apply on people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa where Imran Khan party rules.
Quite many members of SDSM are also said to have ferociously attacked their disobedient fellow party members, calling them traitors who became Members of Parliament solely driven by their greed for money.
The third group is made up of disobedient countries, those which do not give in to America and which refuse to be blackmailed by it.
A The amendments provide for hefty fines for the disobedient chains, which can reach up to 1% of the chain's daily turnover for each day, in which it violates the orders of the CPC.
Chopper has been described as lazy, cranky and disobedient like a teenager on wheels, the Daily Star reported.
The letter, criticising Barry Town United for "behaving like a completely disobedient child" in taking the FAW to the High Court over their battle to play in the Welsh League, was published in Saturday's Echo and prompted outrage from the club's supporters.