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  • verb

Synonyms for dismember

cut into pieces

Synonyms for dismember

to deprive of a limb or bodily member or its use

Synonyms for dismember

separate the limbs from the body

Related Words

divide into pieces

References in classic literature ?
Then, while Rome is undergoing gradual dismemberment, Romanesque architecture dies.
The plan provides an alternative of four inbuilt benefit options to clients in the form of death and surgical benefit , surgical benefit against 948 listed surgeries, critical illness benefit where a lumpsum is paid on first diagnosis of an illness and accidental death and dismemberment benefit which gives an extra sum assured in case of accidental death as moreover protection against accidental dismemberments.
Suraksha Kosh presents a unique opportunity to our customers to get the best from their investments on a market-linked platform as also meet their desired savings goal without worrying about the risk of death, dismemberment and onslaught of medical exigency like a critical illness, stated Suresh Mahalingam, Managing Director, Tata AIA Life.
Given the various rapes, dismemberments, cannibalism, etc.
It comprised a multilingual dream sequence in pagan terms, not disdaining verbal and pictorial descriptions of dismemberments by Cupid and phallic worship of Pan.