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  • verb

Synonyms for dismember

cut into pieces

Synonyms for dismember

to deprive of a limb or bodily member or its use

Synonyms for dismember

separate the limbs from the body

Related Words

divide into pieces

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All procedures were open retroperitoneal dismembered reduction pyeloplasties performed by single surgeon.
For this study the number of patients selected were 12 each from both dismembered and non dismembered groups.
Griffiths dumped Ms Blamires's dismembered body in the River Aire at Shipley, about five miles from his home.
A POSTGRADUATE student who killed, dismembered and ate parts of three prostitutes was told he will die in jail.
Summary: Berlin, July 14, 2010, SPA -- A 28-year-old man has admitted to German police that he killed his parents, dismembered them with a chainsaw and stored the body parts in the family&'s garden shed, dpa reported.
A MAN accused of the murder of two women who were found dismembered in canals will not stand trial until March next year.
DETECTIVES who discovered the dismembered corpse of a British teenager in a suitcase in Brazil were today searching for her remaining body parts.
The results of a mental examination have shown that Muto was in a state of diminished capacity at the time of the murder and was in a state of insanity when he dismembered his sister's body as he had assumed ''another character.
A MAN found murdered in a flat had been dismembered, Scotland Yard said.
Prosecutors in Japan have appealed against a court judgment clearing a serial rapist of attacking Briton Lucie Blackman, whose dismembered body was found in a seaside cave, a court officer said yesterday.
Wrapped in nuptial monsoon,/my body is flayed and dismembered,/its blood red meat/quivering in the spray/sings at the harp of the cliff.
teen Rashawn Brazell, whose dismembered limbs were found in a local subway station in February 2005.
And the piece gave the incorrect date for an incident in which Moulitsas responded on his weblog to television images of cheering mobs dragging the charred, dismembered bodies of American contractors through the streets of Fallujab.
And the pair of painted Styrofoam "leaping legs" that hung in the middle of the main room were a sort of deadpan version of the artist's many fantastical, often spectacularly dismembered life-size figures.
Some of those remains, including a skull, spinal column, and limb bones, still had some joints intact, suggesting that the bones derive from prey that had been dismembered and swallowed in chunks.