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  • verb

Synonyms for dismantle

Synonyms for dismantle

to take (something) apart

to pull down or break up so that reconstruction is impossible

Synonyms for dismantle

tear down so as to make flat with the ground

take apart into its constituent pieces

take off or remove

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These attachments, used with the SK3500D, can efficiently dismantle low-rise and medium-height buildings.
Its first phase calls for Sharon to dismantle only the settlement outposts that Israelis have erected in the last two years.
Either we reconfigure the data we have according to this model or let's just dismantle communication now!
The technicians don't actually dismantle the plutonium itself.
An independent pilot project near Berlin, sponsored by the Federal Environment Minister and the Technical Inspection Association (TUV) reportedly will employ about 40 workers to dismantle around 30 cars per day.
The Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities will demolish an illegal jetty being constructed along the Sihanoukville coastline in commune 1 after the owner refused an order to dismantle it.
Under the deal with the Big Six, Iran is required to dismantle two-thirds of its centrifuges.
Britain must dismantle and recycle its own ageing fleet, in the correct environment and with the skilled, safety conscious workforce that this activity demands.
[paragraph] Seek agreement to dismantle all warheads and missiles removed from service under START I, START II, and unilateral undertakings.
"Under the Nunn-Luger act we've asked for $100 million to build scrap yards in Russia to dismantle these nuclear vessels," Thompson said.
Zarif's anger is with the use of the word "dismantle" in a White House summary of the agreement.
The directive also asks manufacturers to produce new vehicles that are easier to dismantle for recycling, which has been more challenging to put into practice than some of the directive's other orders.
Protesters have waged a two-year campaign against plans to dismantle 13 contaminated ships in the North-East.
This same scenario is certain to be played out in the new member states which have not set aside sufficient funds to dismantle nuclear installations taken out of service, or to manage radioactive waste.
Hartlepool was at the centre of an international storm in 2003 when it was agreed to dismantle 13 former US Navy ships ( dubbed the ghost ships.