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forced removal from a position of advantage


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In Figure 4, the results of these calculations--new estimates of the probability of dislodgment for M.
Offering greater comfort, convenience and security than twill ties, these tracheostomy tube holders fit all brands of tracheostomy tubes to help prevent accidental dislodgment or displacement, trachesophogeal fistula, tracheal stenosis or airway ganuloma.
Prosthesis-related complications were defined as those that necessitated intervention--particularly, dislodgment and leakage.
Treatment interference in children with acute and critical conditions is the conscious or unconscious, threatened or actual disrupting, dislodgment, or removal of the technological equipment/devices used for monitoring and/or treating such conditions (Happ, 1998; Snyder, 1999a).
There are serious concerns about the potential complications of air emboli and accidental dislodgment (Haynes, Carr, & Niemann, 1983).
Increased attachment strength may decrease the probability of dislodgment by crabs and thus reduce mortality (Hughes and Seed 1995).
Specifically, we hypothesized that the presence of hard substratum would not only affect patch growth rates via an enhancement of recruitment, but also the drift and dislodgment of whole patches, which were therefore chosen as additional response variables.
The push-out test has been used in dental research to test different dental materials.12,13 This test measures interfacial shear bond strength between root dentin and the intracanal filling material by calculating the load required to dislodge the filling material using a pin with an appropriate pin diameter/filling diameter ratio.14 Different methodological variables were reported to influence the push-out resistance to dislodgment of root canal filling that include; the type of sealer, core material, the thickness of the slices, storage time, tooth portion, and load velocity.15
Passing the probang to push the choke in to rumen with vigorous efforts may lead to dislodgment of choke and usually result in rupture of esophagus, which may cause esophageal perforations or fistula and even deaths as recorded by some authors.
In dynamic situations, the adhesion is necessary to prevent sealer dislodgment during prosthetic procedures.
Deep veins of lower limbs are the most common site for generation of thrombi and dislodgment of these thrombi from their original position causes formation of emboli.3 Vessels of the pulmonary bed are a more common site for entrapment of these emboli as compared to brain, intestine and kidney.
The upper tolerance limit is reached when the direct physical impact of high current velocities affects mussel clearance performance and potentially causes dislodgment (Widdows et al.
The complications in our study such as Bleeding, blockage of nephrostomy and premature dislodgment of nephrostomy tube, as well as failure of procedure, was almost equal to that reported by Stables DP22.
al described a similar situation "After several attempts, a 5.5-mm (ID) cuffed tracheal tube was passed just beyond the vocal cords, and held in place to prevent dislodgment of the tube"(2); however, in their case, general anaesthesia was instituted only after dilatation of the trachea.