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having a flat circular shape

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Lillya, "Infrared spectroscopic characterization of ultrathin films of disklike molecules on metallic substrates," J.
A beautifully-drawn comedy of manners that sees Elizabeth Bennet take a strong disklike to the handsome, eligible but arrogant Mr Darcy.
Work done in the late 1980s demonstrated convincingly that most short-period comets likely originate in a disklike reservoir beyond Neptune.
Computer models show that a slightly rotating solar nebula would collapse inward from gravitational forces into a disklike structure, with most of the mass concentrated in the center.
In some genera of tribes Anacoloseae and Aptandreae there are disklike appendages with a possible homology to stamens (Sleumer, 1935:7: "Es konnte sich bei diesn lappigen Drusen oder dem gekerbten Drusenring auch um umgebildete aussere oder inner Stam.
Peridioles (spore packets): 1-2 mm broad, whitish to buff, circular but flattened (disklike), attached to peridium by a long thin cord; several per fruiting body.
Fast winds from the remaining stellar envelopes sculpt the blown-off matter into intricate-looking shells that are then illuminated by the blistering hot cores.William Herschel, who discovered these objects late in the 18th century, named them for their disklike appearance through his telescope.
You'll be able to learn what consumers like and disklike, how they react to packaging, and what colors or style patterns they prefer.
are globose, while others are disklike. The mouth of regular sea urchins
For our purposes the significant aspect of it is Auster's reading of the canvas as an antirepresentational text, one whose mimetic details (the disklike moon centered over a lake, a stream dividing the landscape in two, the left bank and its Indian teepee, the right with a large tree and solitary horseman) are significantly undone by Blakelock's painterly brushstrokes and, still more important, by his apparently lunatic disregard for realistic color: an underwash of green pigment shows "beneath the cracked glazes" (138) and suffuses the moonstruck figures in a weirdly serene hue.
Huang, "Machining characteristics of [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]/6061 Al composite using rotary EDM with a disklike electrode," International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, vol.
Here the disklike petals, overlapping, intersecting, and tilting in every direction, produce floor plans with no clearly delineated rooms.
The disklike plane is where most stars in the Milky Way are born and die and, therefore, where most supernovas would be expected to explode.
In contrast, He3-1357 has a disklike structure with a bubble bursting out on each side.
TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING Spin a vial of blood in a centrifuge, and the red and white blood cells, as well as the disklike platelets responsible for normal clotting, sink to the bottom.