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memory access to the computer disk on which information is stored

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As times moved, data sets became bigger and disk access turned from helpful to a bottleneck.
Performing read/write operations in larger bulks reduces the number of disk accesses and increases the system's overall throughput.
It shows data layout and disk access behavior have obvious impact on the overall system performance.
The visual implementation in Simulink, even if it proved to be a challenging task, it is flexible enough to allow future optimizations such as external function integration through the use of MEX files or by using the memory mapping feature of Matlab for disk access. The encryption strength can be improved by using AES - CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode but the communication protocol will have to recover the lost data.
The disk access parameters are [t.sub.l] (latency time), [t.sub.s] (seek time), [t.sub.bt] (block transfer time), [t.sub.br] (block read time: [t.sub.l] + [t.sub.bt]), [t.sub.ar] (time to access block and read: [t.sub.s] + [t.sub.br]), and [t.sub.rw] (rewrite time: [2t.sub.l]).
Compared to the relational model, the network model is faster (one can find a related record in a single logical disk access instead of three or more with a relational model), more reliable (pointers to "member' records are maintained directly in the "owner' record), more efficient (disk space is saved when sets are used since no indexes are required), and better at expressing real life complexity.
Employing that system's network communications and disk access, S/390 Linux Rescuer allows FDR/UPSTREAM to recover a user's entire system, including their Linux system boot disk, file systems, device drives as well as all their application program and data files.
* Link to a client's system more easily, enabling the use of client resources, including disk access for file downloads and fast Internet access.
- High speed hard disk access to your CD images which is several times faster than the fastest physical CD-ROM drive available;
Clients 42 Managers 1 Server Cache Size 128 MB Local Memory Access Time 0.25 ms Disk Access Time 15.85 ms Warm-up Block Accesses 400,000 Servers 1 Client Cache Size 16 MB Block Size 8 KB Remote Memory Access Time 1.25 ms Write Policy write-through Message Latency 0.2 ms Most of the simulation parameters are derived from the original study on cooperative caching by Dahlin et al.
The disk access speeds, network transmission speeds and raw processing power of much of what this column reports might lead us to believe that it's not long before computers can replace humans.
Linux-Mandrake 6.0 features the "Mandrake touch," MandrakeSoft's signature graphical interfaces that give users selected desktop icons including easy CD-ROM and floppy disk access and easy Internet upgrades using the "Mandrake Update" icon.
Linux-Mandrake 6.0 features the Mandrake touch, MandrakeSoft signature graphical interfaces that give users selected desktop icons including easy CD-ROM and floppy disk access and easy Internet upgrades using the Mandrake Update icon.
Given this much memory, at most one disk access is required to fetch a vocabulary entry.
A high-speed, high-accuracy robotic arm and control system speeds disk access and delivery time.