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serving or tending to divide or separate


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The second potentially disastrous situation for writing center students and tutors concerns disjunctive texts by such authors as Gertrude Stein or e.
Greene's critical readings constitute what we might see as the first of three main ways in which he argues for a subtle interconnectedness between language and its referents--the position he describes as neither naively conjunctive nor over-rigorously disjunctive.
Thus, for example, the expression nine hundred ninety-five or a thousand is much less likely to occur as a DNE (or for that matter as an ordinary disjunctive expression) than, say, fifteen or twenty.
In this paper, we focus on the fact that the CPM forms one step of algorithms for solving the resource constrained project scheduling problem and it is also used in job shop scheduling (JSS) when the JSS problem is represented by a disjunctive graph (Cheng et al.
In 1997, the IRS issued a revised CIP to formally adopt Congress's intent that the tests be disjunctive.
My own sense is that the process has been more disjunctive, discontinuous, and contentious than he suggests, and that commercialization needs to be more tightly linked to such phenomena as the expansion of schooling, the influx of mothers into the wage labor force, and the triumph of deregulation.
All interested in medieval studies, the interaction of religious thinkers with the questions and issues of their day, as well as the methodology of a different time, and not least our contemporary students who are so ingrained with the modern disjunctive mode of thinking would do well to ponder this clear exposition of the conjunctive frame whose complexity Bouchard so aptly reveals.
The richness of the fare that memory has to digest could have rendered the book so disjunctive that it would have become irremediably fractured, as the family's history threatens to, but Espinet manages to suggest both the pain and the complexity of the tri-cultural histories she is investigating as well as the successes that writing it down can achieve.
stresses the decisive role of processes and procedures, of conjunctive as well as disjunctive relations, in the composition of experience," Meyer's method leads to set-pieces of his main figures on consciousness and language, necessitating the insertion of long discussions of the individual thinker, at times only finally linked to Stein's ideas.
Badman, the author asserts, represents an objectified, abstracted, disjunctive sense of self conditioned by commodity fetishism.
These realizations made their marks on Said's own disjunctive history.
And if we could transfer the conclusion to the disjunctive positional syllogism, we could then say: its natural position is above or below or where it is.
An essay, often called a personal essay, familiar essay, lyric essay, the disjunctive or spiral essay, is a piece of writing which takes its form in the shifts and turns of a particular mind at work.
The domain specificity and generality of disjunctive reasoning.