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serving or tending to divide or separate


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A finitely disjunctive reduction base provides the flexibility to accommodate the most complex existing moral theories.
2) C xor D, where xor denotes a disjunctive alternative.
There are four types of routing patterns in the business processes' control-flow perspective such as sequential, disjunctive (alternative), conjunctive (parallel) and iterative (loop) routing patterns.
(6) Perform interval based disjunctive consistency test and make the new relations effective
Classical Negation in Logic Programs and Disjunctive Databases.
Thus, the inconvenience that the use of the brackets causes would disappear and it could be claimed that, for the Stoics, the real structure of a [phrase omitted] (disjunctive proposition) such as [phrase omitted] A [phrase omitted] B [phrase omitted] [GAMMA] [phrase omitted] [DELTA] is actually:
First, this Part explains the nature of disjunctive explanations; second, it discusses how disjunctive explanations fit with civil verdicts; and finally, it discusses criminal verdicts and the Supreme Court's confusing case law on juror agreement.
A set S of vertices in G is a disjunctive total dominating set of G if every vertex is adjacent to a vertex of S or has at least two vertices in S at distance 2 from it.
Rather than accepting the present as a fixed moment, the curator of the visual- and sound-arts program, Hicham Khalidi, brought together works that explore the experience of the contemporary as what philosopher Peter Osborne calls a "disjunctive unity of times."
That would entail that concepts are highly disjunctive.
Keane explores themes and disjunctive themes in his examination of creative clusters with some comparison to Western creative clusters.
The nonpermutation flowshop problem may be represented using a disjunctive graph: two operations i and j, executed by the same machine, cannot be simultaneously processed.
It is based on the colored Petri nets, which have been modified with the purpose of adding exclusive entities and, hence, leading to the so-called disjunctive colored Petri nets [29].
Visual experience is a disjunctive concept, being either a good case of being directly acquainted with a physical object or a bad case of merely being in a state that can be most fundamentally characterized as being introspectively indistinguishable by reflection alone from good cases.