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serving or tending to divide or separate


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There are four types of routing patterns in the business processes' control-flow perspective such as sequential, disjunctive (alternative), conjunctive (parallel) and iterative (loop) routing patterns.
Classical Negation in Logic Programs and Disjunctive Databases.
The practical complexities arise because parties may present and argue cases in the alternative, (170) and consequently, the explanations on which jurors make judgments may be disjunctive (for example, "Xor Y" explains the evidence and the events).
In this paper we continue the study of disjunctive total domination in graphs introduced by the authors in Henning and Naicker (2014).
In this case the strictness OF INCIPIENT CAUSE makes it difficult to account for these cases where meaning is disjunctive.
Definition 2: A disjunctive normal form of a Boolean function is a developed disjunctive normal form is any variable appears once and only once in any clause, either in negative form or not (never under both forms) [11];
The Manual for Courts-Martial specifically cautions against disjunctive charging.
the disjunctive theory because that theory terminates the analysis if a
We outline a mental model theory of conditional reasoning and consider the possibilities people keep in mind to understand 'unless' and disjunctive conditionals.
14) What Raz needs specifically to fill in the argument here is another principle he accepts--namely that "if one has reason to bring about a disjunctive state of affairs, then one has reason to bring about either of the disjuncts.
For example, traditionally, three types of coordination are proposed: conjunctive (and), disjunctive (or), adversative (or); rarely, other more restricted types are also proposed, such as causative (for).
Production scheduling of n products on m machines, m [greater than or equal to] 3, can theoretically solve a problem of disjunctive linear programming, which has the mathematical formula (7):
The imagination of what such letters may contain animates Lecercle's fascinating and overdue study of these seemingly antithetical thinkers as a disjunctive pair.
They choreograph a disjunctive array of maniac live drumming, extreme feedback malfunctions, YouTube trash, sloppy dance moves and Sunday morning cartoons," the release says.
Disjunctive definitions are often considered to be inferior to conjunctive definitions.