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Synonyms for disjunct

progressing melodically by intervals larger than a major second

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having deep constrictions separating head, thorax, and abdomen, as in insects

marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements


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used of distributions, as of statistical or natural populations

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We hypothesize that the recent disjunct range is a relict of a wider glacial distribution.
If the two positions, M and W, are absolutely disjunct then it seems to follow that truths are sexualized as well (read: there exists a masculine and feminine art/ politics/ love/ science).
Disjuncts (sentence adverbs) don't modify an element within the sentence; instead, they are used to express the speaker or writer's opinion about the content of the clause or sentence (eg, fortunately, obviously).
Welsh (Fabaceae), a southern disjunct form of an otherwise Arctic endemic species (Cody et al.
Thus, discrepancies in collecting techniques and/ or seasonality can be excluded as factors responsible for the disjunct distribution of the species.
mexicana at a number of sites in Sonora and Chihuahua, including a stream only 6 km south of the border of Arizona, suggesting that the distribution of this species is much less disjunct than previously assumed.
He further observes that scenes of the last category, "devastating," involve characteristics that have "come to be associated with Sturm and Drang, namely, fast tempo, minor keys, disjunct motion, rapid scale passages, dissonances, chromaticism, irregular rhythms, loud dynamics, and full orchestral textures often involving brass and timpani" (p.
The horn part also encompasses a fairly wide range, from the e-flat to c"', and employs some large and disjunct leaps within the melody line.
Ametropus neavei (sensu McCafferty 2001) has been reported from Alaska, east to North Dakota and south to New Mexico; a disjunct population has been reported from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (McCafferty et al.
blossevillii to British Columbia are in northern California (Cryan 2003), and its widely disjunct occurrence in southern British Columbia has been an enigma.
It instilled in him an appreciation for the often disjunct cultures expressed in similar industries but spread across many countries, or conversely, for different industries operating in the same country.
Directed at the beginning to play "with great verve," the bass trombonist encounters passages of wide tessitura (GG to bl), dense rhythmic textures (many extended phrases in dotted sixteenths and thirty-seconds) and a preponderance of disjunct melodic writing.
shoshone adults fed on first instar C americanus; consequently, the predators displayed a disjunct distribution (Williams, 1980).
Coulombe features a series of gently conflicting pulsations, as disjunct sounds of the piano are reflected from speaker to speaker and whispers permeate the atmosphere, while ghostly tones glide effortlessly through the atmosphere, creating a haunting landscape.
Similarly, disjunct distributions of the extant Malayan freshwater fishes in the Indian shield region - core issue explained by Hora's Satpura Hypothesis (now annulled) - can better be explained by taking into account orogeny driven multiple river reorganizations that are known to have taken place.