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Synonyms for disjoint

to become or cause to become apart one from another

Synonyms for disjoint

separate at the joints

make disjoint, separated, or disconnected

become separated, disconnected or disjoint


Related Words

having no elements in common

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k](n) edges contains k + 1 pairwise disjoint edges, i.
That is, by removing [n/2] - 1 edges from any complete geometric graph, the resulting graph has k + 1 = [n/2] disjoint edges, i.
Key Words: H -anti-supermagic labeling, cycles graphs, disjoint union of graphs.
17], proved that disjoint union of k -isomorphic copies of G is a G - supermagic graph if and only if | V (G) | | E(G) | is even again by Maryati et al.
2] space if for each pair of distinct points x, y of X, there exists disjoint vg-open sets G and H such that G containing x but not y and H containing y but not x.
0] iff distinct points of X have disjoint vg-closures.
n]) is a disjoint sequence in the solid hull of T ([B.
Recall that [alpha],[beta] being cardinal numbers, [alpha] = [absolute value of A], [beta] = [absolute value of B] where, A,B are disjoint sets, the sum [alpha] + [beta] is the cardinal number [gamma] = [absolute value of A [union] B] Y Concerning an infinite sum, if the sets [A.
Then, the following are equivalent: (a) (X,T) is normal, (b) for each nonempty closed set C and each open set O such that C [subset] O and [phi] [not equal to] Fr(O) [subset] X\C, there exists a continuous function f: (X,T) [right arrow] ([0, 1],S) such that f(C) = 0 and f(Fr(O)) = 1, and (c) for each closed set C and each open set O such that C [subset] O and C [intersection] Fr(O) = [phi], there exist disjoint open sets U and V such that C [subset] U and Fr(O) [subset] V.
When the 1988 study was conducted, the two literatures on migraine and on magnesium were essentially disjoint in that they had virtually no articles or authors in common, they did not cite each other, and they were not cited together (cocited) by any third type of article (a few exceptions are discussed in that study; no subsequent publications have yet identified other pre-1988 exceptions, and even the exceptions have not been cited).
Figure 1), if H arises from the disjoint union of G and an l-cycle-chain P between u' and v' by removing the edge e and identifying u with u' and v with v'.
One of the core issues in MPLS Networks is the mitigation plan in case of network congestion or network unavailability which is overcome by dynamic path establishment schemes wherein disjoint backup LSP's are established along with the primary LSP and in turn these disjoint paths are near to optimal and provide fruitful results with DiffServ.
0] iff disjoint points of X has disjoint v--closures.
For each pair of vertices x, y of G, let k(x, y) denote the maximum number of internally disjoint paths connecting x and y in G.
The previous miners extracted gold from structurally controlled siliceous zones and quartz veins with disjoint pods of sulphide (pyrite, arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite), hosted in stratiform metamorphosed calcareous shales of Proterozoic age.