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have the connection undone


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Africare: Black American Philanthropy in Africa tells of a US-based non-profit organization specializing in development aid for Africa, and studies the leadership affecting Africare, which sought to become a leading voice on African concerns in this country--something often disjoined.
Bourne, credited as director on this one alongside choreographer Scott Ambler, shifts the action from the original desert island to a deserted theatre disjoined by an unspecified urban upheaval.
Perhaps Sunderland's disjoined display should not have come as such a surprise because this was a scratch side made up of fringe players.
While a 'relaxed' and natural look is great though, do remind them that these items, in particular dried chillies, should be placed either on their own or in pairs in even spacings around the wreath to create uniformity and style, or you''ll end up with a mish-mash of garden ephemera which will look disjoined and messy.
There are laws of political as well as of physical gravitation, and if an apple, severed by a tempest from its native tree, cannot choose but fall to the ground, Cuba, forcibly disjoined from its own unnatural connection with Spain, and incapable of self support, can gravitate only towards the North American Union, which, by the same law of nature, cannot cast her off from its bosom.
The latter is not about the disjoined or the discontinued but focuses on the restored and the renewed.
But Merleau-Ponty takes exception to the Einsteinian implication that each local observer possesses his or her own unique time concretely disjoined from all others, coordinated with them only through the mathematical abstractions of the space-time continuum.
Traditional models of instructional delivery that encourage disjoined concepts and abstract development of mathematics discipline are therefore inconsistent with what would benefit girls in mathematics learning and problem-solving-related tasks.
Yet, a void sovereignty is not only void of power, it is not only disjoined from its coupling with the state, from privileged access to violence, and from an association with an actual ability to govern and bestow a certain level of protection on its subjects from the operation of other sovereignties.
Palestinian news stories are often disconnected, disjoined news items with seemingly no relation to other news items.
This, along with Gaza, divides "Palestine" into three disjoined bodies making it impossible to establish a viable Palestinian state.
In 2009, EVR Cargo was disjoined from Estonian Railways Ltd and is Estonia s oldest and biggest railway transport service provider.
On these points Gardner's analysis overlaps with Chute's in part because they are points that provoke a reconsideration of the intersection of comics and other modes of writing; points, that is, at which graphic writing connects to and is disjoined from literature.
Let A and B be disjoined sets in N, such that A [union] B = N.