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  • verb

Synonyms for disjoin

to become or cause to become apart one from another

Synonyms for disjoin

make disjoint, separated, or disconnected

become separated, disconnected or disjoint


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How does this report align or disjoin with the stated domain of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal?
For instance, Farnetti points to the monster, the quintessential Other, as it connects to women, themselves traditional paradigms of monstrosity, and stresses that in the fantastic, women transform their relationship with the monster into a journey of learning and disjoin the experience of the uncanny from the sphere of anxiety.
Leaders of that party speak with disjoin or passivity on officials issues with less regards to their impact.
3) n: Number of disjoin partitions Output: F: a set of frequent itemsets in [T.
The As if strategy allows Borges to disjoin and conjoin again; the result being Tlon, where fiction-making and world-making coincide.
A plot, he posited, should have "its several incidents so closely connected that the transposal or withdrawal of any one of them will disjoin the whole.
The LDN dDt 1A plants have 30 chromosomes, which usually form 15 pairs at metaphase I and disjoin normally during meiosis.
Like the "Prologue" to Invisible Man, Greene designs Chapter 8 in a similar circular manner so that all disparate modes of formalist theory, Jeffersonian doctrinaire, novelistic examples, thematic paradigms, and signs and symbols of the Eden trope converge, synthesize, and/or disjoin in Ellison's magnus opus.
As early as 1774, he wrote: "The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time; the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.
It pretends to disjoin the autographic from the allographic.
Some indirect evidence of this difference may perhaps be inferred from the manner in which the judges conjoin or disjoin events in their accounts of the relationship between intoxication and offenses committed under its influence.
This arrangement ensures that when they later disjoin and move apart, each half of the cell receives an identical set of chromosomes.
We have spent a lot of effort and money to disjoin them, and have generated a lot of giddy propaganda about our supposed success--but we have also a lot of evidence to prove our failure, and I mean the number of childhood pregnancies, single parents, abortions, abandoned babies, babies kept but unwanted, children raised by public institutions and TV.
Regardless of one's view of the merits of "track record" accounts of reliability, it would be rather surprising if they were ruled out, not by reflection on reliability as such or even on the details of a theory that makes heavy use of reliability, but rather by the fact that, in some possible world, I falsely believe that a dinosaur will not appear in the hallway and disjoin this with "Brown is in Barcelona".
Ask the presenting agent questions on both the ability to disjoin the policy and the ability to lower the face amount.