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deprive of status or authority

reduce or dispose of

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Encouraged by the successful completion of NALCO OFS, DIPAM is gearing - up for a series of disinvestments throughout the year to meet its target.
Originally, the disinvestment in NALCO OFS was pegged at 5% of paid-up capital, but seeing the overwhelming response from the market, DIPAM exercised the green shoe option to retain over-subscription and raised the offer to 9.
Arun Shourie, minister for disinvestment in the Vajpayee government, thought that the company could go out of business if it continued on its path.
While BRPSE is officially shelved and the Department of Disinvestment, now renamed as Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), is about to shoulder that role, BIFR is expected to become redundant after the provisions of the new Bankruptcy Act, passed by the Parliament early this year, get implemented.
THE CABINET on Wednesday approved the proposal for disinvestment of 10 per cent stake in the state- owned Housing and Urban Development Corporation ( HUDCO).
19330), authors Yihui Pan, Tracy Yue Wang, and Michael Weisbach document patterns in corporate investment and disinvestment activities over the "CEO cycle" in a large sample of publicly traded U.
Last year's disinvestments were enough for Carrefour to lower its debt level, Friday's interview said.
The present government has made a policy statement that all disinvestments would only be minority disinvestments via Public Offers.
The disinvestment proposal was approved at a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dr.
The 60-PSU Plan Having burnt its fingers in the last stint when several proposed disinvestments did not finally take place, the UPA is following a more cautious approach.
The most important of these is Arun Shourie, the minister for disinvestments, as privatization is known in India.
Analysis of just this "subset" of disinvestments is justified since, according to figures compiled by the Investor Responsibility Research Center of Washington, D.
Balachander expects the government to raise Rs 25,000-40,000 crore through these disinvestments by the end of 2010.
After this disinvestments the Government shareholding in the company would come down to 84.
Given the systemic disinvestments in the school system that occurred between 1975 and 1990 and the fact that over 50% of our 1,200 school buildings are more than 50 years old, one can easily understand that there is a lot of catching up to do," said Levy.