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deprive of status or authority

reduce or dispose of

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ICI, a UK-based company, disinvested in Pakistan and sold its business to a local company.
Federal Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastagir Khan told journalists that the government had no plan to privatise the NICL but its shares would be disinvested in the coming financial year.
5 million in 2010, to social investment projects, and then disinvested its interest in Skorpion Zinc in December 2010.
Others have disinvested heavily or in some cases left the country outright, despite its much-lauded mix of good human resources, will to improve the business environment and a great industrial potential.
RAIPUR -- Disinvested during the NDA regime in 2001, Bharat Aluminum Company (Balco), now under the London listed Vedanta Resources, is facing a major crisis as aluminum prices have been weak in the global market.
California, by comparison, he said, has been governed by referendum for decades and has "disinvested in higher education, disinvested in its employment forces and local aid, so a large amount of teachers, firefighters and police have been laid off.
21 -- Already a lot of PSU's have been disinvested by the government owing to their poor performance and now reportedly the Disinvestment Department is planning an outright sale of ailing Tyre Corporation of India (TCIL) and will appoint merchant bankers by mid-December.
Over recent decades, the state of Oregon has disinvested in higher education.
The company disinvested the facility last year, for concentration on its core operation.
This means that the disinvested assisted housing that frustrated cities and housing authorities and fostered crime and blight can now be included in comprehensive neighborhood revitalization efforts.
9 bn in the fourth quarter of 2007, while foreign direct investors disinvested in the EU by 34.
We have been fairly successful in our campaigning and the churches and most charities have now disinvested from such companies.
Payments are made each year through a combination of investment returns, the original lump sum being disinvested and so-called birthday units that are allocated to people each year and are made up of the funds of previous holders who have died being redistributed.
Poverty and unemployment aren't spread evenly across cities or regions, but rather are concentrated in disinvested urban neighborhoods and rural communities around the country.
Bus depots and other facilities that contribute to poor air quality are disproportionately sited in low-income neighborhoods; aging schools with maintenance problems and poorly maintained housing stock in disinvested communities are also frequent sources of mold, lead, and vermin, exacerbating asthma and environmental allergies, especially in children.